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Smartphone-based Bento Pickup & Delivery Service Launched

 A social trial for a multi-restaurant meal delivery service began in the Tenjin area of Fukuoka City on August 6. The coronavirus-inspired service is run by Tokyo-based Timee Delivery, in collaboration with Charichari bicycle-share service and five local eateries. Customers can use the app to place orders to one or more restaurants at a time. During the test period, meals can be delivered to the area within a one-kilometer radius from each restaurant. Delivery costs (¥300/order) will be waived during the trial, as well as delivery fee between Aug. 6 (Thu.) ~ Aug. 12 (Wed.) Source: PRTimes

Photo: by Fukuoka Now (a take-out bento by Hachibei yakitori)

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Published: Aug 11, 2020 / Last Updated: Aug 11, 2020