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Tesla to Open Dealership in Fukuoka

Based on its Northern Kyushu Automobile Industry Cluster Promotion Plan, Fukuoka Prefecture aims to not only attract automobile-related industries to the area, but to present a new kind of motorized society to the rest of Asia. As part of these efforts, Tesla Motors Japan, the Japanese subsidiary the American electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced it will open a dealership in Fukuoka City in early 2014. This will be the company’s third outpost in Japan after Tokyo and Osaka. One of the reasons Tesla chose Fukuoka is because, due to the large number of charging stations in and around the city, much of the groundwork for getting people to accept electric vehicles is already in place. Source: http://www.fiba.jp/


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Published: Dec 19, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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