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Uniqlo’s Secondhand Sale: Tokyo & Fukuoka 

Uniqlo has unveiled a plan to offer secondhand clothing for a limited period at their stores in Tokyo and Fukuoka. This endeavor repurposes Uniqlo’s collected items from past spring and summer collections, which are rejuvenated through cleaning and dyeing, ready for resale. The initiative kicks off on March 29 in Tokyo, followed by an April 12 start in Fukuoka, and is set to continue until August 31. The selection features economically priced, dyed T-shirts and sweatshirts, along with washed, undyed bottoms and shirts. This project, the second of its kind following an initial successful stint, seeks to evaluate sustainable practices, like circular services, amidst a rising global awareness of environmental issues. Source: Uniqlo

Uniqlo's Secondhand Sale: Tokyo & Fukuoka

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Published: Mar 21, 2024 / Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024

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