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Opening Night Report – Tiger Yuki Habitat – Familiar Introduction

What a night! The opening of the Tiger Yuki Habitat, at Two Dogs sports bar, was brilliant! As I approached the bar at about nine o’clock, people were spilling out into Oyafuko-dori. And to my surprise, one of the stars of the event, Singaporean chef Jeremy Cheok was right there in what looked like a yatai (food stall). Jeremy was grilling chicken skewers (yakitori) with a zesty marinade of lemongrass and a tangy garlic chili sauce. The first of many yummy dishes to follow.

The place was hopping! Servers in Tiger Beer branded outfits dutifully ensured everyone’s glass was full. More than a few shared selfies on Instagram! Some of the merch (including a few Fukuoka exclusives) including a lineup of t-shirts, funky hats, caps, and bags featuring were on sale. They remain available until the promotion ends on February 3, so Christmas presents anyone?

Chef Jeremy Cheok didn’t spend all night in the yatai stall. He was busy whipping up awesome Otah Sliders (fishcake nestled in a toasted milk bun) and Honey Butter Wings. But my favorite was the Pork Rendang Nachos, crispy gyoza skins topped with a fragrant Singaporean pork curry, Japanese mayo, and nacho cheese. The contrast of textures and exotic flavors was fantastic. I also recommend the Tiger Beer Battered Fish which had a nice crunch to it but had a light taste. Although the opening event was just a one-off, the food menu (minus the yakitori) will continue to be served at Two Dogs daily until February 3.

With Tiger Beer as the main sponsor, there was no shortage of drinks! The classic bottled Tiger Beer was my go-to but they also had Tiger Beer on draught too. That makes Two Dogs the only place in Kyushu to have it on tap! After a few beers, I discovered Tiger Radler, which is lighter than the traditional beer and infused with lemon juice. Equally the Tiger Slushie was pretty cool too. With my tiger-yuki (courage in Japanese) I had a great evening chatting with loads of great people and sharing plenty of laughs with my friends. And while we were living it up, street artist Mizpam and painter Masayuki Kojo created a spectacular mural. The bright colors and bold styling matched the vibe to a tee. Mizpam is a street artist, whose murals have brought people together across different cultures and communities while Masayuki Kojo fuses traditional sumi-e techniques with manga art, offering a new take on a very old Japanese art form! Their art is still up on the wall, a reminder of that special night when Singapore partied with Fukuoka!

As mentioned, the “Tiger Yuki Habitat – Familiar Introduction” event continues at Two Dogs on Oyafuko-dori daily until Feb. 3. What better way to beat the winter blues than to dig into these creative and tasty Singaporean foods and drinks? I’m going back – see you there!

Food Menu

Singapore Yakitori
Grilled-to-order yakitori inspired by Singapore’s iconic Chicken Rice. Marinated with lemongrass and paired with a tangy garlic chili sauce.

Otah Sliders
A mildly spicy fishcake patty nestled in a toasted milk bun. Slathered with sambal mayo and pickled red cabbage.

Honey Butter Wings
Sticky fried chicken mid-joints tossed in a house blend of honey, butter and fish sauce. A perfect marriage of sweet and savory.

Tiger Beer Battered Fish
Tender Basa fish fillets lightly seasoned with turmeric and deep-fried in a tempura-style Tiger Beer batter.

Pork Rendang Nachos
Crispy gyoza skins topped with a fragrant Singaporean pork curry, Japanese mayo, and nacho cheese.

Drink Menu

Tiger Beer (Bottle & Draught)
Refreshing full-bodied beer with a crisp bite thatʼs perfected to UNCAGE your courage.

Tiger Radler
Refreshing Tiger Beer combines with lemon juice to create a light drink with a twist.

Tiger Slushie
Tiger Beer with a refreshingly fruity taste that is served ice-cold to quench your thirst.

Tiger YUKI Habitat @ Two Dogs, Fukuoka
• Dec. 15, 2018 (Sat.) ~ Feb. 3, 2019 (Sun.)
Two Dogs, 1-9-21 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• Open daily 18:00~3:00

Report by Isla Phillips for Fukuoka Now

Food & Drink
Published: Dec 21, 2018 / Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018

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