Tiger Yuki Habitat – Familiar Introduction

START: Dec 14, 2018 END: Feb 3, 2019

Tiger Beer proudly presents a special one-night event in Fukuoka. 
Immerse yourself in a Traditional Yatai Experience 
recreated with a Singaporean Twist!

Followed by the huge success from the first Tiger Yuki bar in Tokyo, this one-night event will be held on Friday, Dec. 14, 2018, from 8 pm to midnight at Two Dogs in Tenjin. Thereafter, the Tiger Yuki Habitat bar will continue on inside Two Dogs from Dec. 15, 2018, to Feb. 3, 2019 where the Otah Sliders, Honey Butter Wings, Tiger Beer Battered Fish, Pork Rendang Nachos as well as Tiger Beer on draught will be available.

Read about the opening night of Tiger Yuki Habitat – Familiar Introduction here!

Tiger Beer was born in the streets of Singapore in 1932 and has since then spread around other Asian and worldwide countries, gathering a passionate fan community. 
Fukuokaʼs “Tiger Yuki Habitat” is part of Tiger Beerʼs global campaign “The Uncaged”, an event series which puts the spotlight on “Uncaged Heroes”, showcasing the passion of artists and creatives in the art, food or music fields. Each chosen Uncaged Hero delivers Tiger Beerʼs strong DNA by uncaging their creativity and stimulating the passion of worldwide audiences.

Tiger Yuki Habitat: Familiar Introduction is where the old and new collide to create unexpected possibilities. It will feature three Uncaged Heroes from Singapore and Japan. With Fukuoka’s traditional yatai (food stall) experience will be recreated with a Singaporean twist. Murals painted by sumi-e artist, Masayuki Kojo, add some street edge with graffiti artist, MIZPAM.

Masayuki Kojo / Japan

Truck driver by day, aspiring ink painter by night. That is Masayuki Kojo until he gave up his steady day job to pursue his dream and passion for painting full-time. His unique style of painting makes him a warrior in his own right. By fusing traditional sumi-e techniques with world-renowned manga art, he’s reshaping the way people appreciate the ancient Japanese art form. At the heart of it all, he hopes his life will inspire his children to combat society’s expectations and fulfill his own destiny too.

MIZPAM / Japan

Most women might think twice about being a professional street artist. But MIZPAM isn’t most women. Even her petite stature wouldn’t curb her larger than life passion for mural art. Her quirky and vibrant paintings have earned her recognition across different cultures and communities, and even bring together people who weren’t even that interested in art. She hopes her unique experience will inspire more people to follow their dreams, and add more diversity to this male-dominated culture – one wall at a time.

Jeremy Cheok / Singapore

He spent years studying engineering, but Jeremy Cheok has been a food enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Inspired by his grandmother’s cooking, he left a prospective career in quality control to chase the F&B dream. Since then, he’s opened and managed multiple restaurants in Singapore and Vietnam — one of which earned the coveted Michelin Bib Gourmand. When he’s not occupied with running the upscale JAM@Sirihouse and the catering outfit, Slake, he’s actively working towards making a real difference in the local food rescue movement.

Food Menu
Singapore Yakitori
Grilled-to-order yakitori inspired by Singapore’s iconic Chicken Rice. Marinated with lemongrass and paired with a tangy garlic chili sauce.

Otah Sliders
A mildly spicy fishcake patty nestled in a toasted milk bun. Slathered with sambal mayo and pickled red cabbage.

Honey Butter Wings
Sticky fried chicken mid-joints tossed in a house blend of honey, butter and fish sauce. A perfect marriage of sweet and savory.

Tiger Beer Battered Fish
Tender Basa fish fillets lightly seasoned with turmeric, and deep-fried in a tempura-style Tiger Beer batter.

Pork Rendang Nachos
Crispy gyoza skins topped with a fragrant Singaporean pork curry, Japanese mayo and nacho cheese.

Drink Menu

Tiger Beer (Bottle & Draught)
Refreshing full-bodied beer with a crisp bite thatʼs perfected to UNCAGE your courage.

Tiger Radler
Refreshing Tiger Beer combines with lemon juice to create a light drink with a twist.

Tiger Slushie
Tiger Beer with a refreshingly fruity taste that is served ice-cold to quench your thirst.

Tiger YUKI Habitat
• Dec. 14, 2018 (Friday)
• 20:00~24:00 (doors open 19:00)
• Entrance: ¥2,000 (incl. for free flowing drinks and food *opening event only)

Campaign period:
Dec. 15, 2018 (Saturday) ~ Feb. 3, 2019 (Sunday)

Two Dogs, 1-9-21 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

• Event page:

Published: Dec 10, 2018 / Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018

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