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Pinkberry Opens in Tenjin

Rising from the asphalt of a parking lot along Meiji-dori, in central Tenjin, is a new eatery. Airy and open, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, this building plays host to two different cafes: the Tenjin Meiji-dori Cafe and Fukuoka’s second Pinkberry.

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This new Pinkberry, with its citrusy-fresh green-orange-white colour scheme, serves six flavours of frozen yoghurt, from indulgent chocolate to subtly fragrant green tea. After picking your base, you get the chance to pick your favorites from their 28 seasonal toppings and three sauces; a cup/cone costs between ¥360~660, and for an extra ¥130 you can pick as many extras as can physically be fitted on.

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For our first swirl of joy, we tried tangy original flavour, covered in strawberries, orange pieces, blueberries, smarties and candied almonds, finished with the flourish of a wafer; an unorthodox but tasty combo. When it turned out that we couldn’t stop at one, we experimented by ordering two of their boldest flavours, passionfruit and pomegranate, in the same cup, sprinkled with fruits and nuts; a zingy, fresh mix, which felt pleasantly cleansing. To round off the fro yo feast, we sampled their parfait: layers of yoghurt, fruit and granola heaped up in brightly coloured strata (¥680). This might make a delicious brunch when the summer heat hits! Pinkberry also offers smoothies and take-away tubs (so that you can enjoy their patented flavoured fro yo at home).

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But despite stuffing ourselves so full of frozen yoghurt we were beginning to moo, there was no need to feel guilty! Pinkberry makes all their products with real milk, and the fruit is always fresh, never frozen. What’s more, fro yo is good for you! Not only is it less calorific than ice cream, yoghurts also contains lots of probiotics and vitamins, to help strengthen your immune system.

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The space also hosts the “Tenjin Meiji-dori Cafe”, which serves sandwiches (on soft or hard bread, your choice – ¥400~450) and a range of coffees. We enjoyed a hand-made hot dog and a smoked salmon baguette. The seasonal latte at the time of our visit was coconut-flavour (small: ¥330) – a tropical kick for the afternoon slump. This makes it a great space in the summer to grab a quick lunch and then cool down with some fro yo. You can people watch from the comfy air-con interior (this being one of the city’s main streets, there are plenty of characters and interesting fashions to peruse), or catch some rays in the al fresco seating area.

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Pinkberry and Tenjin Meiji-dori Cafe both open to the public tomorrow, Sat., July 18 2015.

Address: 1-10-24 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Hours: 11:00~22:00
Tel: 092-716-3911 (Pinkberry)
Tel: 092-406-3591 (Tenjin Meiji-dori Cafe)

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Published: Jul 17, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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