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September 2017 Fukuoka Now

Gracing this month’s cover are five shrine maidens at Hakozaki Shrine. In their hands are chanpon, glass toy-like instruments that makes a fun popping sound when blown into. That can be purchased at Fukuoka’s biggest autumn festival, Hojoya. Looking for authentic Neapolitan pizza? Read up L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele and check it out! For ramen, Fukuoka Now staff are now big fans of Isshin Furan in Daimyo. Read and find out why! And for craft beer, Fukuoka Craft just opened in Daimyo and also offers tasty Mexican grilled foods. For a quiet and sophisticated space with a million-dollar view, Sabo Warabino is the spot, and worth the 45-minute drive from the city center. For a relaxing day in the countryside while experiencing authentic Japanese culture, food, and festivals, join our bus tour to Yame, the tea country on Sep. 24. Besides the Hojoya festival, there are many other events taking place – and we have the details for them all in these pages and on the Fukuoka Now website!

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L’Antica Pizzeria da MicheleGourmet

Sabo WarabinoCafe

Isshin Furan DaimyoNoodle

Fukuoka CraftBar

Yayoi no Kaze Park: Home of the Oldest Royal Tomb in JapanFeature

Yame Tea Country Bus Tour

Hojoya Festival Guide 2017Guide

Fukuoka Fruit Picking Guide 2017Guide


Sunset Live 2017

Nakasu Jazz 2017

15th Kurume Premium Yakitori Festival

Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2017

Kyushu Beer Festival 2017 Fukuoka

Focus on Asia Fukuoka Int’l Film Festival 2017


Japanese Craftsmanship

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Published: Aug 28, 2017 / Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017

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