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Team Lab Light Festival in Fukuoka Castle Ruins – Report

Beginning a few years ago the winter illuminations around Fukuoka have become nothing short of spectacular, but this year, the bar has been raised! A 20,000 square meter area encompassing the Fukuoka Castle Ruins has become the backdrop for an interactive art installation that you can not only see, but hear and touch too! Located just five minutes on foot from Ohorikoen Station, it’s in the center of Fukuoka, but in another sense, it’s out of this world! Fukuoka Now checked it out last week and here are some photos by our friend Gabriel Lei for you to enjoy! But photos don’t tell the whole story – you should go and experience it live! You won’t be disappointed.

Exhibit List

1. Resisting and Resonating Ovoids and Trees
Visitors are sure to be surprised by the myriad of large egg-shaped objects that are scattered around a spacious treed area of the park. The eggs emit bright, bold colors that change when people approach them. This fascinating attraction captures the imagination and more!

2. Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives in the Stone Wall – Fukuoka Castle Ruins
Animal figures are projected onto the stone walls that form the base of Fukuoka Castle ruins, some of which are 60 m in length and 8.5 m in height. The creatures’ movements are incredibly lifelike and are accompanied by realistic sound effects. Incredibly, the flowers featured in this interactive display scatter when touched.

3. Spatial Calligraphy in a Stone Wall – Fukuoka Castle Ruins
Watch Japanese calligraphy appear in a continuous flow on the castle’s stone walls. The strokes have a dynamic movement and depth of quality that is truly eye-catching.

4. Breathing Resonating Stone Wall – Fukuoka Castle Ruins
Another name for Fukuoka Castle, which was constructed in 1607, is Seki-jo (Stone Castle). The 630 m stone walls light up and flicker slowly as if they are breathing.
5. Stone Steps of Oblivion – Fukuoka Castle Ruins
When a visitor approaches, the stone stairs begin to emit tonal colors, creating a wonderful sense of warmth despite the cold weather.

The projections and interactive installations create some brightness but it is quite dark, so please be careful not to lose your footing (high heels are not recommended). Finally, there are a few stalls selling hot drinks and snacks to help keep you warm. Enjoy!

Event Details
• 12/1 (Fri.) ~ 1/28/2018 (Sun.)
• 18:00~22:00 (last entry 21:30)
• Adv.: adult ¥800, JHS & HS ¥500, 4 y.o. ~ 12 y.o. ¥200 (tickets available at Ticket Pia, E-Plus and Lawson Ticket) / Door: adult ¥1,000, JHS & HS ¥600, 4 y.o. ~ 12 y.o. ¥300
• Fukuoka Castle, Maizuru Park
Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• 092-711-5513 (Nishi-Nippon Shimbun)

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Published: Dec 12, 2017 / Last Updated: Dec 12, 2017

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