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ELLE CAFÉ with Gina Whittle

Autumn menus have been introduced at ELLE CAFÉ this month and you are sure to welcome the seasonal shift with the delicious selection on offer. Before we go into any more detail about the food, though, let’s meet this month’s guest.

Though Gina Whittle has a hectic schedule as a company manager, she eagerly invests her spare time in learning more about cooking. Even on her lunch break, her eyes are peeled for new ingredients or recipe ideas that she can use.

Originally from New Zealand, Gina first visited Japan when she was 19 year old. After working as a model and part-time teacher at a university, she established her own company, Gina & Partners, facilitating educational exchanges between New Zealand, Australia and Japan. She strongly believes in the importance of experiencing different cultures holistically, rather than travelling abroad just to learn a foreign language. This is reflected in her own work schedule, which sees her out and about a lot. Seminars and business trips take her all over Japan, and she takes great pleasure in being able to work on the go, especially in a place like ELLE CAFÉ: “It’s simple, and I can relax”.

Today, her order is porcini mushroom gnocchi. She enjoys its chewy texture and the combination of Parma ham and bitter arugula in the sauce. “New Zealanders have hearty meals in cafés, using simple ingredients.” This café culture seems to differ from Europe’s, where drinking is higher on the agenda.

Gina always wants to re-evaluate her goals, rather than have a single, permanent one. “You have only one life to live so why not enjoy it? Maintain a wide perspective and you will always be able to find new opportunities and see yourself anew. Have REAL experiences!” This motto certainly shines through from within.

Menu: Porcini mushroom gnocchi ¥1,050

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn154 Oct. 2011)
Fukuoka City
Published: Oct 1, 2011 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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