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Fukuoka is an excellent city for walking and exploration, and if you’re searching for ideas on where to go or routes to follow, look no further than our Kyushu Live YouTube channel. As bilingual and bicultural publishers of Fukuoka Now, Nick and Emiko are some of the most qualified guides to the city. Join them as they share the unique insights that only locals possess.

We have hundreds of walks archived, and below are just a few samples. Subscribe to Kyushu Live on YouTube to ensure you never miss any new adventures!

Featured Virtual Tours

Fukuoka Nightlife – Trip Down Memory Lane / 福岡の夜の繁華街・親不孝通りを外国人バーのレジェンドと歩く

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If you’ve been living in Fukuoka since the mid-1990s, or simply appreciate the city’s dynamic nightlife, you might be familiar with the name Luis Matos. Alongside his partner Tomoko, Luis opened the pioneering Off Broadway bar near Suzaki Park in North Tenjin in 1993. At the time, it was one of the first Western-style bars in Fukuoka, and one of the few foreign-owned establishments. Join Luis as I as we walk around Oyafuko-dori to pay respects to popular places from the past and see what is happening now.


Fukuoka Indie Coffee Shop Tour / 福岡の独立系コーヒーショップ巡り

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Emiko and I explore some of Fukuoka’s hidden gems: independent cafes and sweets shops! We’ll drop by several charming spots, and you can find shop names, addresses, and links in the video’s description. Adachi Coffee (Kego) On Sugar (Bakery), Kamakiri Coffee (Takasago) Coffee County (Fukuoka), Dig Inn and BetsuBara (Sweets). Enjoy the tour, and let us know about your favorite spots in the comments!


Geisha Guided Tour of Fukuoka – Temples and Shrines of Hakata, Japan / 博多の芸妓と福岡観光

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Join us as we visit famous cultural sites in Hakata with Koharu, an English-speaking geisha! She’s one of seventeen active “geigi” (the local term for geisha) in Fukuoka. In this episode, we’ll explore Jotenji Temple’s inner grounds, take a rickshaw ride, visit Hakata Senen-no Mon, Tochoji Temple, Kushida Shrine, and enjoy tea inside a private chashitsu (tea room). We’ll also watch other geisha perform on stage. It’s the ultimate tour of Old Hakata Town!


Seaside Sunset Walk in Momochi, Fukuoka! / サンセットinももち

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On this walk, we will trace the coastline of Hakata Bay on the west side of the city, beginning in the east at Aratsu 荒津, then onto Fukuhama 福浜, followed by Jigyohama 地行浜, and finally along the beach and boardwalk of Momochihama ももち浜, where we’ll catch a dazzling sunset too!


Nokonoshima Island in Fukuoka – Backstreets, Blueberries, and more! Tour with a Local! / 能古島の住人と巡る旅

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In this episode, our guest Yuichi Asaba gives us a personalized tour of Noko Island that only a resident can provide! We’ll take a short ferry ride, taste the local citrus, visit a blueberry farm, pet some emus (birds), explore small local shops and cafes, talk to locals, stroll down backstreets, and enjoy a view of Fukuoka’s skyline from the ferry on Hakata Bay.


Fukuoka’s Yatai Food Stalls – Ramen, French Cuisine & More! / 福岡・博多の屋台

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What makes Fukuoka special? Many will say it’s the hundred or so food stalls that set up in the evenings along the city center streets. They’re a great place to meet others and to taste local dishes such as tonkotsu ramen, oden, yakitori, or even escargot. Escargot? Yes! We’ll visit a yatai owned and run by a Frenchman! Join us for drinks, nibbles, and fun.


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Published: Apr 4, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 12, 2023

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