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Wolfgang’s Takeout Box for Home – A Fukuoka Exclusive!

For better or worse, we’ve become accustomed to takeout and delivery. We’ve found ways to make eating takeout or delivery good, well, almost as good. But what about big birthdays or anniversaries? If you can’t go to the restaurant, at least make sure you’re getting the tastiest and most special meal possible. Aim high and make a splash!

Even at home, a succulent Wolfgang steak makes an impact. Most of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka’s menu items are available for takeout, and thanks to clever packaging, the food travels well and arrives looking great. Imagine that taste and aroma in your own home!

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka Take Out Box
Choice of Wolfgang’s Salad or Beverly Hills Chopped Salad, Prime Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach) ¥18,000 for 2 people / ¥25,000 for 3 people / ¥32,100 for 4 people (photo: for 2 people)

If you ordered the same steak for two people at a restaurant, the price would be ¥19,800 (plus 10% service charge = ¥21,780), which is a bit more than the entire Take Out Box, so it’s a good deal too. True, you’ll miss the staff’s performance of delivering the sizzling steak to the table, but Wolfgang’s steaks taste great even after they have simmered.

Naturally, you can order desserts, including their popular Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Mousse, both with plenty of real whipped cream (¥1,404 for takeout).

In our excitement to take the food home we bumped the package and the pie hit the mousse. Didn’t damage the taste though!

Wolfgang’s gourmet hamburgers made with Prime Beef hit the spot and make a wonderful gift for a more casual meal. Imagine receiving one! The classic burger (¥2,160) features Wolfgang’s hefty prime beef patty. It’s big, but not too big. Burgers are about balance, and this one has it.

For pick-up, it’s recommended to order an hour in advance, but some items can be re-readied in as little as 30 minutes. Of course, you can wait comfortably at the bar too!

Don’t let the restrictions get you down or miss the chance to celebrate an occasion. Pick up or order delivery from Wolfgang’s and have a memorable meal.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka

Grand Hyatt 1F, 1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Take-out, Delivery
• Tel.: 092-292-1651
• Reception: 11:30~21:00, last pickup: 22:00

Takeout menu;
* Delivery is provided by Uber and Menu. Take-out menus can also be delivered by taxi instead of restaurant pickup (if you spend more than ¥10,000, taxi delivery might be more economical than using apps…) The app also supports taxi delivery.

​​Take-out and delivery items only
Here’s a list of items available for takeout and delivery at reasonable prices.
English Menu:

Open: 11:30~20:00 (19:00 L.O.) *temporary schedule between 8/20~9/12

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Published: Aug 26, 2021 / Last Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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