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8월 후쿠오카 가이드

With just one more month of summer remaining, now is the time to visit Itoshima! And getting to the beaches is now easier than ever thanks to a new public bus service operating along the coastline. Also in this issue we introduce two spots in Itoshima: Passion Fruit La Puni for farm-fresh passion fruit smoothies, and Sunset Cafe Inn, a new guest house in Fukui. For our restaurant selection we present Nakamuta in Hirao, a cozy restaurant where you can watch Nakamuta-san prepare spot-on Japanese cuisine from behind the counter while sipping on fine sake. For a “cool” meal, try Ikkaku Shokudo Tenjin’s reimen (chilled noodles). Our cafe pick this month is Baku, a 40-year-old cafe and art gallery along Oyafuko-dori. And our recommended bar is Kamata Seisakusho in Hakata where small Italian dishes are offered along with uncommon sake and wines. As always, check out our event listings for special all the action in and around Fukuoka. Enjoy summer!

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요리와 술 나카무타Gourmet

다락방 바쿠Cafe

잇카쿠 쇼쿠도 텐진점Noodle

카마타 제작소Bar

여름밤의 뮤지엄Feature

Itoshima Now!Feature

Sunset Live 2018

22nd Isla de Salsa World Beat Festival


스즈키 하루노부 보스턴 미술관 우키요에 명품전

마린월드 우미노나카미치 야간 수족관

더 시네마 나이트 후쿠오카

제56회 서일본 오호리 불꽃 축제

텐진 여름 축제

후쿠오카시 동식물원 야간 개장

고코쿠 신사 미타마 축제

RIZAP KBC 오거스타 골프 토너먼트 2018

Fukuoka City
Published: Jul 26, 2018 / Last Updated: Jul 26, 2018

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