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8 후쿠오카 가이드

Have you experienced a Japanese summer festival? In this issue, we introduce several. Featured on the cover is the Gokoku Shrine Mitama Matsuri, and there are others throughout the month. Then for a dazzling display of fireworks synchronized to music, don’t miss the Hanabi Fantasia on August 7. For foodies, we introduce the newly opened Hakata Seafood Uoden and in Fukuoka’s eastside, Asunaro Brewery, a new brewpub. Meanwhile, in Shirogane is Dig Inn, a popular take-out bagel sandwich cafe. Also, for those who enjoy noodles for breakfast, Moon Light Noodle opens at 7 am! Isla de Salsa returns to Nokonoshima, and the summer’s climax, Sunset Live takes place in Itoshima on Sep. 7 & 8, and we have a limited number of discounted tickets! Speaking of Itoshima, Analog Craft Chocolate, a bean-to-bar chocolatier just opened. Finally – golf fan or not, consider heading out to Keya Golf Club (8/29 ~ 9/1) for the Rizap KBC Augusta Golf Tournament – just ¥4,000 with all-you-can-eat and drink beer – and free for kids!

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하카타 씨푸드 우오덴 – Gourmet

DIG INN – Cafe

문라이켄 – Noodle

아스나로 브루어리 – Bar

Itoshima Now! August 2019 – Feature

초보자도 쉽게 오를 수 있는 타치바나 산 – Feature

Sunset Live 2019

하나비 판타지아 후쿠오카 2019 – Feature

Kakigori Guide – The Best Spots for Shaved Ice in Fukuoka!


후지코 후지오 A전시회

텐진 나츠 마츠리

후쿠오카시 동식물원 야간 개장

하카타 리버레인 여름 축제

후쿠오카 소프트뱅크 호크스 8월 홈경기

우레시노 티칵테일 Competition 2019

고코쿠 신사 미타마 축제

RIZAP KBC 오거스타 골프 토너먼트 2019

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Published: Jul 26, 2019 / Last Updated: Jul 26, 2019