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11월 후쿠오카 가이드

Autumn is one of the best times to cruise the canals of Yanagawa, and with winter approaching the experience becomes cozier as the gondolas are fitted with heaters. Meanwhile back in Fukuoka City we introduce places to wine, dine and hang out. “The Market F” is the recently opened main restaurant inside the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, and well worth checking out, especially for their Hakata Wagyu beef. Our noodle shop pick is “Hiro to Yoru” which not only serves up tasty tonkotsu ramen but a tonkotsu-based champon as well. For a bar we introduce Dreieck Park in Imaizumi. Its stylish interior and open area rooftop terrace make it a one-of-kind bar in Fukuoka. With so many excellent indie-style cafes in the city, it’s hard for one to stand out, but with their azuki butter toast, “Good up Coffee” hits a homerun! And as always, we have lots of events and on our website we’ve updated our guide to Fall Colors in Fukuoka and Oyster Huts in Itoshima. Enjoy!

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Published: Oct 26, 2017 / Last Updated: Oct 27, 2017

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