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Oldest Mokkan with Family Register Discovered at Dazaifu

Archaeological excavations at Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture, have unearthed the nation’s oldest mokkan with a family register. A mokkan is a strip of wood used for keeping records during the Nara period and in China. Judging from the language used, it dates from 701 or earlier. It is also a valuable discovery because it demonstrates that the family registration system dates from at least the 8th century.

The register will be displayed at the Dazaifu City Bunka Fureai Center from the 16th-24th of June.The Center is open from 09:00~17:00 and closed on the 18th of June. For further information call Dazaifu City Education and Culture Department: 092-921-2121.

Published: Jun 14, 2012 / Last Updated: Jun 15, 2012

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