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Beer Air- Fukuoka Airport’s Beer Garden Takes Off!

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On May 14 we attended the pre-opening event for the BEER AIR, the fabulous outdoor beer garden located on the 4th floor observation deck at Fukuoka Airport Terminal 2. This year they’ve opened up earlier (May 15 ~Sep. 30) so more people can enjoy it, but still due to popularity, advance reservations are required.

What’s so cool? Well the view for one! The runway is within clear sight allowing you to see both landings and take offs. Not only that, but the terrace faces west, so on a clear day you’ll catch the sunset too. The roaring sound of jet engines also adds to the excitement. They also serve excellent food as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Dishes are supplied by ten of the restaurants located inside the airport so there’s a wide variety to choose from including sushi! For drinks they not only offer Asahi and Kirin draft (with chilled mugs) but also wine, shochu, sake, chuhai, highballs and of course soft drinks. See our photo gallery below and also look out for our upcoming guide to other recommended beer garden in Fukuoka.

Open: 5/15~9/30 (reservations required)
18:30~21:00 (closed in case of rain or strong wind)
Prices: Adult ¥3,900 / High school/Junior high school student ¥2,000 / Under 12 years ¥1,000 / Under 3 years free
Capacity: 215 seats
Plan: 150 min / all-you-can-eat and drink
Beers: Asahi, Kirin
Where: 4F observation deck Fukuoka Airport Terminal 2
Tel: 092-623-0555 (10:00~21:00)

Food & Drink
Fukuoka City
Published: May 16, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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