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Daihatsu Kurios in Fukuoka – Cirque du Soleil – Opens in Fukuoka Today!

Last night we were lucky to attend a full dress rehearsal of the latest Cirque du Soleil production, “Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities”. And wow – it lives up to the hype! This show has everything Cirque du Soleil is famous for including jaw-dropping acrobatics, gorgeous costumes, fabulous live music, wacky clowns and an otherworldly set. There are no animals, but it’s still very much a circus. There are usually two shows per day, and they take place inside a mammoth tent set up next to Hakozaki Shrine. If you haven’t experienced a Cirque du Soleil performance before, here is your chance. And even if you have, this show is not to be missed! Treat yourself, family or friends to an extraordinary adventure!

Read more about the show’s story and get details in English on tickets on the Fukuoka Now website – or in Japanese on the official website.

And here are some snapshots from the dress rehearsal on Feb. 14, 2019 to whet your appetite.

Outside the Big Top tent next to Hakozaki Shrine, Fukuoka.

Inside the foyer filled with food & drink and souvenir booths.

Every seat is close to the action and offers a good view.

Some cool displays too!

Just as the show was about to begin…

Watch out! You might be in the show too!

And the then the acts! We won’t show any more. Go see it live!

Click here for more information in English.

Published: Feb 15, 2019 / Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019

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