Hakozaki Shrine Nagoshi Festival

START: Jul 27, 2024 END: Jul 28, 2024

Oharae, or purification ceremonies, are traditional Shinto rituals conducted in June and December. The ceremony held in June is specifically known as “Nagoshi-no-harae” or “summer passing purification ceremony”. At Hakozaki Shrine, this ritual takes place on June 30, followed by the Nagoshi festival, held on the last Saturday and Sunday of July (which corresponds to the end of June in the traditional calendar).

Visitors are invited to walk through a “thatch ring” made of grass, which is set up in the shrine for the purpose of cleansing themselves of sins and impurities accumulated over the previous six months. Along the path leading to the shrine, a festival named “It’s summer, it’s a matsuri! It’s a festival!” will be staged, featuring about 50 stalls. Among the offerings, you’ll find yakimochi (grilled rice cakes), a specialty of Hakozaki Shrine, and other items for sale.

Hakozaki Shrine Nagoshi Festival, 夏越まつり

• 7/27 (Sat.) 16:00~22:00, 7/28 (Sun.) 12:00~21:00
• Hakozaki Shrine
1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka

Published: Jun 12, 2024 / Last Updated: Jun 12, 2024

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