Lobster Festival 2024

START: Jul 1, 2024 END: Jul 31, 2024

The Canadian lobster fishing season peaks from May to July, when the lobsters are at their finest, filled with tender meat and bursting with flavor. The annual Lobster Festa, held every July, offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Canadian lobster at reasonable prices.

Fukuoka Lobster Festa 2024, オマールフェスタ2024

Participating restaurants, which offer French, Italian, Japanese, and other cuisines, have grown in number each year. This 19th edition features 239 restaurants in Fukuoka City and 464 across Kyushu, all offering unique lobster dishes. For details on participating restaurants, visit the official website.

Lobster Festa 2024, オマールフェスタ2024

Chefs attending the recent Lobster Festa receive a certificate of recognition from the Embassy of Canada in Japan for their contributions.

• 7/1 (Mon.) ~ around Aug. (varies by restaurants)

Published: Jun 27, 2024 / Last Updated: Jun 28, 2024

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