Nagasaki Kunchi

START: Oct 7, 2017 END: Oct 9, 2017

The history of Nagasaki Kunchi stems back to the Edo period. Held every Autumn, the three-day festival began when two performers dedicated a new dance to the Suwa Jinja Shrine in 1634. The iconic dance, called “Niwasaki-mawari”, is now a national cultural asset and is performed across the city during the festival.

Photo: 長崎県観光連盟

• 10/7 (Sat.) ~ 10/9 (Mon., hol.)
• Timing varies
• Free
• Suwa Jinja Shrine and 3 other venues
• Suwa Jinja Shrine
18-15 Kaminishiyama-machi, Nagasaki
• 095-822-0111

Published: Sep 22, 2017 / Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017

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