Park x Weekend

START: May 12, 2023 END: May 14, 2023

The second Park event at Hakata East Terrace, a platform promoting new culture, will take place over three days. Attendees can enjoy a variety of craft beers and wines on May 12, and meet coffee roasters supporting the coffee culture on May 13-14. The event will feature stalls from Todoroki Sake Shop, offering natural wine, sake, coffee, gin, and shochu, as well as original craft beer, Satoyama Sapori pizza, burgers, curry, and more to start off the weekends. On Saturday and Sunday, 35 unique stores from across Japan, including rare coffee roasters from Kyushu, will offer their specialties such as sweets, hot dogs, and ethnic dishes. Food and beverage purchases during the event will be made using tickets, with prices as follows: 3 cups of coffee for ¥1,000, 3 cups of alcohol for ¥1,500, and 2 cups of brew bar for ¥500.

Park × Weekend

• 5/12 (Fri.) 16:00~21:00, 5/13 (Sat.), 5/14 (Sun.) 10:00~17:00
• Free entry
• Hakata East Terrace
1-18-33 Hakataeki-higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Alcoholic drinks
Todoroki Sake Shop (Nature wine、sake)
Beersonic (Craft beer / Special event brewing)
Megane Coffee & Spirits (Craft gin, shochu)

Leaves Coffee (Tokyo)
Bespoke Coffee (Saitama)
Nagasawa Coffee (Iwate)
Style Coffee (Kyoto)
Nai (Nagasaki))
Imagine Coffee (Shimane)
Lima Coffee Roasters (Hyogo, Kagawa)
Junction Coffee Roaster (Kumamoto)
Gp Coffee Roaster (Tokyo)
Mel Coffee Roasters (Osaka)
Role Playing Coffee (Saga)
Mount Coffee (Hiroshima)

Brew bar
Tsukishiro • Kuniaki Hiratsuka × Stereo Coffee • Kyohei Yoshino
Manly Coffee • Noriko Sunaga × Roaster’s Coffee Baisenya • Kenkichi Hirayama
Filles Et Garçons • Risako Satozaki × Niyol Coffee • Daisuke Ochi
• Oita Safari Coffee • Shingo Akiyoshi × Kumamoto Ocami Coffee • Gota Sugiura

Southindian (Curry)
Jazzy Coffee
Scream Icecream (Ice cream)
Sonoda (Chinese noodles, fried food)
Nalu Bakery House (Bread, donuts, etc.)
Eat O’Kashi (Baked goods)
Heure du Gouter (Roll cake, butter sandwich cookies, baked goods)
Maison Bake (Gluten-free cakes and baked goods) Yamaguchi
Pizzeria da Gaetano (Hot dog)
Uand (Muffins, scones, canele, baked goods) Saga

Kitchen car
Satoyama Sapori (Pizza)
Yes Burger (Hamburger)
Banzai Shokudou (Ethnic plate)

Sales of goods

Park × Weekend

Park × Weekend

Park × Weekend

Park × Weekend

Published: Apr 28, 2023 / Last Updated: Apr 28, 2023

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