Shin Momoyama Exhibition – Japanese Art In The Age Of Discoveries

START: Oct 14, 2017 END: Nov 26, 2017

During the 100-year period between the introduction of firearms into the country (1542~1543) and the enactment of an isolationist foreign policy by the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1639, Japan actively engaged with various parts of Europe and Asia during an era that has often been referred to as the age of great discoveries.

By looking at the vastly different approaches that three key figures in history (Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa) took when interacting with the outside world within the context of mass movement of people and goods on global scale, this special exhibition provides a new perspective on the art and history of a rapidly changing period of time.

Folding screens from Macau and Rome, which were influenced by Japanese byobu will be on public display in the country for the first time, alongside valuable treasures and important cultural properties that are symbolic of Momoyama art.

Portrait of St. Francisco Xavier (important cultural property)
Kobe City Museum, Hyogo

Cypress tree (national treasure)
By Kano Eitoku, Tokyo National Museum
※Exhibit period:11/14~11/26

Pine Trees (national treasure)
By Hasegawa Tohaku,Tokyo National Museum
※Exhibit period:11/14~11/26

Retable with Flowers and Birds (important cultural property)
in Maki-e Lacquer and Mother-of-pearl, Kyushu National Museum

The Western Kings on Horseback (important cultural property)
Kobe City Museum, Hyogo
※Exhibit period:10/14~11/5

• 10/14 (Sat.) ~ 11/26 (Sun.)
• Sun.~Thu.: 9:30~17:30 (last entry 16:30), Fri., Sat.: 9:30~20:00 (last entry 19:30)
• Closed: Mon.
• Adult: door ¥1,600, adv. ¥1,400, HS & College: door ¥1,000, adv. ¥800, Under JS: door ¥600, adv. ¥400
• Audio guidance: ¥520 (English, Chinese, Korean available)
• Captions available (English, Chinese, Korean)
• Kyushu National Museum 3F
4-8-2 Ishizaka, Dazaifu, Fukuoka
• 050-5542-8600

Published: Oct 2, 2017 / Last Updated: Oct 2, 2017

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