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Fukuoka: An Accessible City

Fukuoka’s appeal lies in its compact size, and one telling feature of this is its excellent transportation access. For instance, the airport is located close to the city center. In most Japanese cities, airports and ports are situated a considerable distance from where people live and work. The bigger the city, the farther away the airport and port seem to be. In Fukuoka, however, you can reach the port and the airport in no time at all.


Fukuoka Airport is approximately 10 minutes from Tenjin by subway, and less than five minutes from Hakata Station. A city with an airport as convenient as Fukuoka’s is a rarity in Japan, not to mention the world. As for Hakata Port, it is only a 10-minute bus ride from Tenjin—you can even walk there if you like. In Fukuoka, the airport and the port are not only frequented by travelers; some people like to go there to enjoy free time with friends and family.

One new destination that is gaining popularity is Beer Air, a seasonal beer garden that recently opened at Fukuoka Airport. Many people stop by after work to enjoy beer while they watch the planes take off and land. At Bayside Place Hakata, a commercial plaza connected to the Hakata Wharf Passenger Terminal, you can enjoy beer with fugu (blowfish) at the Summer Fugu Hut. With a diverse schedule of events, Bayside Place is always bustling with people. Having a genuine international port located conveniently near the city center is another one of Fukuoka’s attractive features.

Fukuoka Airport provides air links to several Asian countries, but this spring it added its first direct flight to Europe. Regular passenger ships connect Hakata Port to Pusan, South Korea, and there are also cruise ships that sail to ports of call around East Asia. In this way, Fukuoka’s airport and port are not only highly accessible, they bring the city closer to the rest of the world.

Originally published by Fukuoka Now (July 2013)

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Published: Jun 26, 2013 / Last Updated: May 30, 2019

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