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Gion Manju – A Yamakasa Treat!

Gion Manju sweets are sold exclusively during the Yamakasa Festival period (between Jul. 1 and Jul. 15). These soft, plump sweets are made from sweet red bean paste enclosed in a soft crust with a subtle sake flavor.

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It is tradition for families to share Gion Manju during Yamakasa, since they are believed to bring good fortune and to defend against the summer heat. The sweets bear Gion Shrine’s sacred blue symbol on the package. At long-standing confectioner Ishimura Manseido, you can buy a single Gion Manju (¥‎110), or buy them in packs of three (¥‎330), five (¥‎550), ten (¥‎1,100, advance sale only), or a pack of twelve mini manju to bring home to the family (¥‎1,080).

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You can also take home one of the omiyage (souvenir) sets; two Tsuru no Ko (Ishimura’s signature sweet) in a Yamakasa-themed illustrated box (¥‎300).

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Gion Manju

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Omiyage box with Tsuru no Ko

These historic, tasty treats are a must-try!

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Published: Jul 8, 2016 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017