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Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023

While the rainy season might seem burdensome with wet shoes, carrying an umbrella everywhere, and being confined indoors, it does have its charms. Notably, the stunning ajisai (hydrangea) flowers are in full bloom during this period in Japan, where they originated. Named for their resemblance to a “water vessel”, these flowers have become the iconic symbol of the rainy season. Their gradual color transformations have earned them the nickname shichihenge (various changes), making them a popular choice for dried press flowers as well. We have handpicked fifteen top spots in Fukuoka and Kyushu where you can admire the beauty of ajisai.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Hydrangea Viewing Spots near Fukuoka City
Fukuoka City (5)
Itoshima City (1)
Chikushino City (1)
Dazaifu City (1)
Kurume City (1)
Kitakyushu City (1)
Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka (2)
Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka (1)
Karatsu City, Saga (1)
Sasebo City, Fukuoka (1)

Fukuoka City

Hakozaki Shrine

This year, the festival at Hakozaki Shrine is set to showcase a stunning display of over 3,500 ajisai (hydrangea) flowers representing more than 100 different varieties. It’s a spectacular summer sight that you wouldn’t want to miss! Additionally, you can treat yourself to a unique experience with hydrangea-flavored soft-serve ice cream, available for a limited time at the open terrace cafe situated nearby.

Hakozaki Shrine Hydrangea Garden, 筥崎宮のあじさい苑

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 6/1 (Thu.) ~ 6/30 (Fri.)
• 9:30~17:00 (last entry 16:30)
• Hydrangea viewing: ¥300, flower garden (lilies): ¥200
1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka

Maizuru Park

Located within Maizuru Park, the iconic Fukuoka Castle Ruins are known not only for their historical significance but also for the beautiful cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and other seasonal flowers found there. During the months of June and July, deep blue varieties of hydrangeas bloom in several areas, including the woods behind the Fukuoka Art Museum, the peony garden, and the Otemon area facing Meiji-dori Avenue. These flowers also adorn the border of Ohori Park.

During the same period, consider visiting the nearby Gokoku Shrine to appreciate the blooming yellow water lilies. Each year, the Shimonobashi Gate, the only remaining gate of Fukuoka Castle, is surrounded by unique heart-shaped hydrangeas, adding to the natural beauty of the park.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 2,500 plants (various varieties)
• Early Jun. ~ late Jun.
• Free entry
1 Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (Maizuru Park PDF map)

Nokonoshima Island Park

Take a short 10-minute ferry ride from Meinohama to the charming Noko Island in mid-June, where you’ll find 1,000 hydrangea plants in full bloom at Nokonoshima Island Park. Some of these hydrangeas even grow as tall as a person! Be sure to visit the Hydrangea Road, a stunning 100-meter path surrounded by white, violet, and blue hydrangeas.

For an added touch of charm, the park offers free rental of rainbow-patterned umbrellas. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, visitors can enjoy capturing beautiful photos of the colorful umbrellas contrasted against the blooming hydrangeas.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 1,000 plants (more than 20 varieties)
• Early Jun. ~ late Jun.
• Mon. ~ Sat.: 9:00~17:30, Sun. & hol.: 9:00~18:30
• Closed: Never
• Over HS: ¥1,200, ES & JHS: ¥600, 3 y.o. and over: ¥400
Nokonoshima, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Embark on a delightful exploration within the vast 350-hectare expanse of Uminonakamichi Park! There is something here for every family member. You can visit the aquarium and zoo, take a rest at the hotel, and then proceed to the Ajisai Path, located on the side of the JR Uminonakamichi exit. This pathway comes alive with the blooms of 10,000 hydrangeas, encompassing 70 different varieties, from the rainy season until the start of summer. The beautiful sight of these blooming hydrangeas offers an immersive experience in nature’s grandeur.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 10,000 plants (70 varieties)
• Early Jun. ~ early Jul.
• 9:30~17:30 (last entry 16:30)
• Closed: Never
• Over 15 y.o. ¥450, 65 y.o. and over: ¥210, ES, JHS and below: free
18-25 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka

Fukuoka City Botanical Garden

First established in 1980, this botanical garden is the city’s largest. It houses an impressive collection of approximately 3,000 different types of plants spread across its open fields and greenhouses. The garden is home to an estimated 100 species of hydrangeas, totalling around 1,000 plants, making it an excellent venue to see and compare the wide variety of hydrangeas. Many of these hydrangeas are cultivated in Flower Garden C, particularly near the flower beds and rose garden. The garden also features a two-story greenhouse spanning 2,800 square meters, ensuring that you can enjoy viewing the flowers regardless of the weather.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 1,000 plants (100 varieties)
• Late May ~ mid-Jun.
• 9:00~17:00 (last entry 16:30)
• Closed: Mon. (open if Mon. is a hol. and closed the next day)
• Adult: ¥600, HS: ¥300, JHS and below: free
5-1-1 Ozasa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (park map)

Itoshima City

Shiraito Falls

Located 530 meters above sea level in the southern part of Itoshima City, Shiraito Falls is a popular summer retreat thanks to its cool and shaded environment. The waterfall, standing at a height of 24 meters and spanning 14 meters wide, provides a refreshing escape from the heat. From early June to early July, the area is adorned with around 5,000 hydrangeas in bloom. A hydrangea festival is scheduled for late June, during which cut flowers will be given away.
*As of May 17, 2023, the festival schedule is still being finalized. The confirmed dates will be announced on the official website as soon as they are determined.

Hydrangea in Shiraito Falls Itoshima, 糸島市白糸の滝の紫陽花

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 5,000 plants
• Mid-Jun. ~ early Jul.
• Free entry
460-6 Shiraito, Itoshima City, Fukuoka

Chikushino City

Tenpai Park Hydrangea Garden

Adjacent to Buzoji Temple, reputedly the oldest temple in Kyushu, and near the entrance to the Mt. Tenpai climbing trail, is a beautiful nature park. Visitors can appreciate the year-round beauty of seasonal flowers, including cherry blossoms, rhododendrons, and maples. In 2017, the park’s hydrangea garden was reopened with the aim of creating a new attraction for the citizens of Chikushino City. Local businesses and volunteers have carefully nurtured approximately 900 hydrangeas, showcasing about 30 different varieties, which are now in full bloom.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023Photo from Chikushino City Tourism Organization

• 900 plants
• Mid-Jun. ~ early Jul.
• Free entry
629-1 Musashi, Chikushino City, Fukuoka

Dazaifu City

Dazaifu Tenmangu

Dazaifu Tenmangu is a shrine dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, who is revered as the god of learning. This beautifully kept sanctuary is adorned with various flowers, including hydrangeas, vibrant irises, and ume (plum blossoms). The hydrangeas, which blossom during the rainy season, have long been recognized as one of the four seasonal flowers of Dazaifu Tenmangu.

During rainy days, the juxtaposition of the irises and hydrangeas reflected on the surface of the central pond presents a truly breathtaking scene. Moreover, the “hana-chozu” – a traditional water feature filled with floating colorful hydrangeas – has become a seasonal staple during the hydrangea season within the shrine precincts.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• Late May. ~ Early Jul.
• Free entry
4-7-1 Saifu, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka

Kyushu Live – Dazaifu Tenmangu Art Tour (June. 2021)
Report from the site on the art on display in the precincts of the shrine and the hydrangea and flower hand-watering! (from around 8:00~)


Kurume City

Senkoji Temple

Senkoji Temple, located in Kurume, was established in 1192 by Eisai Zenji, the founder of the Rinzai Buddhist sect. The temple has earned the moniker “hydrangea temple” due to the 7,000 hydrangea plants thriving within its grounds.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 7,000 plants (50 varieties)
• Early Jun. ~ late Jun.
• Hydrangea Festival: 6/3 (Sat.) ~ 6/25 (Sun.)
• 8:00~18:00
• Entry fee (only during the Hydrangea Festival) over HS: ¥300, ES & JHS: ¥100 *changes depending on blooming conditions.
2287 Yamamoto-machi Toyoda, Kurume City, Fukuoka

Kitakyushu City

Takatouyama Park

Takatouyama Park, renowned as one of the prime locations to view hydrangeas in Fukuoka Prefecture, showcases more than 70,000 vibrant hydrangeas in full bloom during the rainy season. The observation deck and mountain path are enveloped by these stunning flowers.

From late May to early June, you’ll find ‘mountain hydrangeas,’ which naturally grow in Japan’s mountains and streams, in their prime. Following these, ‘western hydrangeas’ reach their peak from early June.

The ‘Wakamatsu Hydrangea Festival’ is scheduled for May 28th, June 4th, 11th, and 18th. Additionally, on June 11th and 18th, coinciding with the Western hydrangea season, a free shuttle bus will operate between Wakamatsu Watarijo and Wakamatsu Station to the top of Mt. Takatouyama.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 74,300 plants
• Late May. ~ early Jun: mountain hydrangea / early Jun: western hydrangea
• Free entry
Sutara, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka


Nomiyama Kannonji Temple

Nomiyama Kannonji Temple, affectionately known as “Nomiyama-san” by locals, receives over one million visitors annually. The best time to view the 1,500 hydrangeas within the temple grounds is from mid-June to early July. Visitors can admire the stunning contrast between the blooming hydrangeas and the vibrant green hues of the surrounding cedar trees and leaves.

Additionally, from June 18th (Sun.) to July 2nd (Sun.), visitors will have the opportunity to indulge in gourmet foods such as yakisoba, curry, and hot dogs. Flower seedlings will also be available for purchase near the parking lot, adding an extra element of interest to your visit.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• 1,500 plants
• Mid-Jun. ~ early Jul.
• 9:00~17:00
• Open year-round
• Free entry
227-4 Haginoo, Sasaguri-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka (temple map)

Sarayama Park

Located on the slopes of Mt. Wakasugi, known for its stunning night views of Fukuoka City and Hakata Bay, Sarayama Park offers a spectacular floral display. Approximately 30,000 azaleas and 2,000 hydrangeas come into full bloom here from early June through early July.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• Approx. 2,000 plants
• Early Jun. ~ early Jul.
• Always accessible
• Open year-round
• Free entry
Kamisue, Sue, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka (park map)


Kanayama Hydrangea Garden

Situated near the Karasuo Tunnel, the Kanayama Hydrangea Garden covers an area of 5,000 square meters. This garden, meticulously maintained by local volunteers, provides free admission to its visitors. Here, a variety of vibrantly colored hydrangeas create a harmonious landscape, offering a stunning visual experience for all who visit.

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

• Approx. 7,000 plants (15 varieties)
• Early Jun. ~ early July.
• Accessible throughout the day
• Open year-round.
• Free entrance
244 Itoda-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka

Karatsu City, Saga

Mikaeri No Taki Falls

Mikaeri No Taki Falls, acclaimed as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, provides a captivating scene for visitors. The waterfall is enveloped by a suspension bridge and a promenade that follows a mountain stream, enabling an immersive nature walk. From this 1.4 km-long walkway, visitors can admire an astonishing view of 40,000 hydrangeas, representing 50 different varieties.



• Approx. 40,000 plants (50 varieties)
• Early Jun. ~ Late Jun.
• Accessible throughout the day
• Open year-round.
• Free entry
Ikisa, Ouchimachi, Karatsu City, Saga

Hydrangea Festival
During the Hydrangea Festival, the waterfall is lit up at night, providing a unique ambiance, distinct from the daytime, to view both the waterfall and hydrangeas. On Saturdays and Sundays throughout the festival, a shuttle bus service operates from the Hotarubashi Bridge, situated about 1 km downstream from the waterfall, to the base of the falls. The one-way fare for this shuttle bus is 100 yen.

• 6/3 (Sat.) ~ 6/25 (Sun.)
• The waterfall will be illuminated from 19:20 to 22:00.

Sasebo City, Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki

Once again, the popular European-themed park in Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch, is flaunting its horticultural prowess in the annual Hydrangea Festival. Throughout June, the park will be dotted with 1,250 varieties of hydrangea – the most extensive collection in any single location in Japan. Huis Ten Bosch, known for breaking records, also features an 800-meter long hydrangea road, the longest of its kind in the country. Don’t miss the fantastic sight of the vast hydrangea fields illuminated at night.


• Approx. 1,250 varieties
• Mid – Jun. ~ early Jul.
• Hydrangea Festival: 5/27 (Sat.) ~ 6/25 (Sun.)
• 9:00~21:00 (last entry 20:00)
• Closed: Never
• 1-Day Passport: over 18 y.o. ¥7,000, ES and JHS ¥6,000, 4 y.o. ~ ES ¥4,600, pre-school: ¥3,500
1-1 Huis Ten Bosch-machi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki

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Fukuoka Hydrangea Viewing Guide 2023 / 紫陽花ガイド 2023

Seasonal Guide
Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: May 19, 2023 / Last Updated: May 31, 2023

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