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Itoshima Now!

Just 25 km west of Fukuoka City, Itoshima has beautiful beaches, lush green mountains and is famous for flavorful vegetables and fresh seafood. Learn more about Itoshima now!

Itoshima Now! December 2018

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Itoshima Now! November 2018

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Itoshima Now! October 2018

For many, summer seems to be the most popular time to visit Itoshima. But autumn is just as good or even better. This month we introduce a short hike with a fantastic view. We also guide you to a newly opened restaurant that serves Italian dishes made with local Itoshima ingredients. Click here to read more.

Itoshima Now! September 2018

This month we introduce you to a recently opened udon restaurant located close to Shiraito Falls. The udon is special, but it’s really the locally grown organic vegetables that are the stars. As you turn into the restaurant, you’ll pass by a new landmark with a fabulous view of Itoshima. Read the backstory of this place here, too. Click here to read more.

Itoshima Now! August 2018

Still one more month of summer. Why not visit one of Itoshima’s fabulous beaches? Here’s some news on places to go and also about a new bus route. Enjoy Itoshima! Click here to read more.

Published: Jul 26, 2018 / Last Updated: Nov 27, 2018