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June 2017 Fukuoka Now

Hope you are hungry – because in this month’s edition of Fukuoka Now we have lots of tasty information for you! Have you wanted to try Kobe beef? This month we introduce Ryuen Nishinakasu, the one and only yakiniku restaurant in Fukuoka to serve authentic Kobe Beef. It’s not cheap, but affordable if ordered as part of a set. Another reason to go is the sparkling riverside views. This month’s noodle shop selection also ventures outside of Kyushu. Ramen Kuramochi serves a Tokyo shoyu-style ramen; we recommend the cold dipping noodles! Live jazz music lovers will want to check out Jazz Club Kingfish conveniently located in Tenjin. The house band and guest performers are some of Fukuoka’s finest! Enjoy a light meal and of course a full range of cocktails and whiskies. Next, in the trendy area of Shirogane we visited Hightide Store where you can enjoy one of their unique sandwiches, a handmade lemonade or a coffee while you wait as they make a one-of-kind notebook for you. Is it a cafe or a stationery shop? And as always, be sure to check our event listings and don’t miss out on anything!

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Ryuen Nishinakasu – Gourmet

Hightide Store – Cafe

Ramen Kuramochi – Noodle

Jazz Club Kingfish – Bar

Fukuoka’s Hydrangeas – Feature

Beer Garden Guide 2017 – Guide

Firefly Watching Guide 2017 – Guide


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June Kabuki

Yobuko Big Tug of War

Firefly Walk

Rice Terraces Fire Festival

COFFEE T-shirts Store

5th Kitaya Sake Brewery Event in Tenjin

Cormorant Fishing at Harazuru Onsen

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Published: May 30, 2017 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017