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March 2015 Fukuoka Now

Cowabunga! Winter is the best time to catch waves on this side of Kyushu so we’ve prepared a guide on everything you need to know to enjoy surfing in Fukuoka. Slip on a wetsuit, like this month’s cover model, Martine Strøm Thomassen, and get out there! Our snapshot page has a little of everything for everyone: including a report on the re-opening of the Ohori Boathouse, a Strawberry Picking Guide, a day trip at the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort and a report on a Zazen Class. Our gourmet report explores local delicacies with a report on the delicious Ganso Hakata Mentai. This month’s interview is with Ollie Horn, the man and comic talent who has single handedly started up a regular live English language comedy scene in Fukuoka. We also have information on various St. Patrick’s Day events, so you’ll know where to show off your green threads and enjoy a pint of smooth Guinness. Pick up a hard copy of Fukuoka Now at all the usual spots or download the PDF. Even more goodies are waiting for you on the Fukuoka Now website!

Links to all the contents and the PDF here:

Feature: Fukuoka Surfing Guide
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.35.56 PM

In Fukuoka: Ollie Horn
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.36.23 PM

Gourmet: Ganso Hakata Mentaiju
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.36.36 PM

Fukuoka City Bulletin: March 2015
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.37.47 PM

Fukuoka Topic Learn about Literature in a Meiji Era Western Building
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.36.58 PM

Special Event: St. Patricks Day in Fukuoka
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.36.45 PM

Recent Online Articles:
Fukuoka Strawberry Picking Guide
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.51.39 PM

Hiking Guide: Ogusukuyama
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.51.55 PM

Red Bull Music Academy Session Fukuoka feat. Cro-Magnon
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.52.16 PM

Boathouse Ohori Park – Pre-Open Report
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.52.05 PM

‎Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort Daytrip
<Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.52.47 PM

Zen Buddhism Classes For Beginners
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.52.26 PM

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