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Fukuoka Loses Bid Host Next Year’s G7 Summit

Prime Minister Kishida announced that Japan would host the G7 Summit in Hiroshima next year. Fukuoka, which had been seeking to host the summit, was not selected. At a press conference held today after the Japan-U.S. Summit, Prime Minister Kishida announced to President Biden that Japan will host the G7 Summit next year in Hiroshima, his hometown, and the site of the atomic bombing and that they will work together to ensure its success. Governor Hattori told reporters, “It is very regrettable that the G7 summit could not be held in Fukuoka. I accept that this decision was made based on the strong determination of Prime Minister Kishida, who has made the realization of a world without nuclear weapons his life’s work. I sincerely hope that the Hiroshima Summit will be a success and contribute to the realization of world peace and stability of the international order. Fukuoka City Mayor Takashima also commented, “I believe that Hiroshima’s special significance for peace in the current world situation has been taken into consideration. We have been working together with Fukuoka Prefecture and the business community to invite the summit, and frankly speaking, we are disappointed, but we hope that the summit will be a success. Source: NHK

Fukuoka Loses Bid Host Next Year's G7 SummitPhoto by Caitlin James on Unsplash

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Published: May 25, 2022 / Last Updated: May 25, 2022

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