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Mayoral Candidate Slogans

With the start of the mayoral race in fukuoka, the six candidates have released their campaign slogans. The following is our translation of their slogans along with excerpts from their stump speeches (not from these posters), in order of filing:

Tomoyuki Okawa (37): Changing Society through Education
“The problems facing society were made by humans. The only way to resolve them is with educational reforms.”

Soichiro Takashima (40): Fukuoka is Alive Again
“It is Fukuoka’s job to provide the rest of Japan with hopes and dreams. We will use the National Strategic Zone designation to become a town that supports people willing to take a chance.”

Yujiro Kitajima (65): Formulating a Roadmap to Combat Population Decline
“I firmly believe it my mission to ensure that Fukuoka takes the lead among Japan’s municipalities in formulating a road map for solving the crisis that is Japan’s dwindling population.”

Hiroshi Yoshida (58): Helping Citizens Forge Ahead
“Is our current leadership what we really need? The citizens need someone who can give them a helping hand. We need to cut waste and create policies that look to the future.”

Kumiko Takemura (64): The Happiness of Our Children is No. 1
“I will end City Hall’s unfriendly childrens’ policies … and increase the number of authorized child-care facilities.”

Kouko Kanaide (67): Improving Working Conditions for Women
“As society ages and the population declines, women will need to work while they care for their children.”
Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 11/3

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Published: Nov 5, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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