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Mobike Cycle Share Coming To Fukuoka

On Thursday June 22th, leading Chinese bicycle-sharing company Mobike set up a subsidiary in Fukuoka City with plans to begin services here later this year. The move into one of Japan’s largest cities marks the latest overseas venture for the firm, which has already launched services in Singapore and the UK. Mobike already operates in approximately 100 Chinese cities and plans to expand to 200 cities including 20 countries internationally. Mobike has 100 million users and supports roughly 25 million rides a day.  This Fukuoka project was made possible with cooperation from the local government. Soichiro Takashima, mayor of Fukuoka city said the city is looking forward to the benefits Mobike will bring and the reduction of automobiles. Mobikes are equipped with high-tech features including smart-lock technology and built-in GPS connected. The firm’s app lets users scan QR codes allowing them to locate and unlock the nearest vehicle, use and pay for rentals on-demand, ride it for a small fee of RMB1 (US$0.15) per hour, and return the bike wherever the rider gets off.  Source: China Money Network  Reuters & Photo Credit


Published: Jun 26, 2017 / Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017

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