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Nishitetsu Launches Bio-Diesel Bus Trial Run

Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co. unveiled on May 31 a bus that will run on the bio-diesel fuel “Susteo” for trial operations starting June 1.There was also a fueling demonstration where bus drivers filled up the bus with Susteo. The bus will operate a route connecting the Lala Port Fukuoka and the Fukuoka Airport International and Domestic Terminals until the end of November. 

The Susteo fuel used in this demonstration run is a bio-diesel fuel manufactured by Euglena. As the plants and algae that form its base ingredients absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) during photosynthesis, it is expected to deliver a net reduction of CO2 emissions by around 20%. Since the biofuel is blended with light oil, which is also used in regular buses, no modifications to the engine or other components are necessary. Source: Nishitetsu / KBC

Nishitetsu Launches Bio-Diesel Bus Trial Run

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Published: Jun 1, 2023 / Last Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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