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Self-Consignment Solar Power: Fukuoka’s Leap Towards Decarbonization

The Tenjin Business Center Building, a large office building that opened in 2021 in the heart of Fukuoka City, is making strides in its mission towards decarbonization by harnessing its own solar power plant. Rather than being located in the urban center, this power plant is situated atop a warehouse approximately 15 kilometers away, taking advantage of space constraints in the city and surplus energy generated by the warehouse.

The building, home to companies like NEC’s Kyushu branch and Japanet Holdings, is a hub of activity with its entrance and common areas, including numerous escalators and elevators, powered almost entirely by solar energy. This energy demand, which is equivalent to that of approximately 500 households in Kyushu, is offset annually by about 2.24 million kilowatt-hours of solar power.

The Fukuoka Real Estate Group, a leading local real estate company, operates the Tenjin Business Center and initiated the supply of solar power via “self-consignment” from their logistics facilities in April this year. Self-consignment is a system institutionalized by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in 2013, which allows companies to supply electricity generated in-house to their own facilities or business premises located remotely via the power company’s transmission and distribution networks. This setup is particularly beneficial for city buildings with limited space, enabling them to utilize power generated by suburban solar power facilities. This initiative is anticipated to yield an annual reduction of about 870,000 tons in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Source: Nikkei

Self-Consignment Solar Power: Fukuoka's Leap Towards Decarbonization

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Published: Jun 9, 2023 / Last Updated: Jun 9, 2023

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