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October is Burger Month Wolfgang’s Fukuoka

Burger Month is back at Wolfgang’s, the NY-style dry-aged in-house steak house we drool at just the thought of going to! Hurry, only two weeks left to enjoy six varieties of gourmet burgers at special low prices!

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is literally a cut above others with its USDA Prime beef. The Classic Burger is made with a whopping 280 gram 100% prime beef patty and available all year round, or in one of four other configurations during Burger Month.

This year, Burger Month introduces three new numbers – The Korean Namul Burger (¥2,000) combining a 280g prime patty with spinach and carrot namul, with an additional Korean twist of gochujang and sesame flavor. The Duck Breast & Foie Gras Burger (¥2,400) uses a special duck breast patty, stuffed with terrine of foie gras. And the Cajun Salmon Burger (¥1,800) pictured below.

Built around a perfectly grilled Norwegian-salmon patty, spiced with cajun and dressed with hot fresh-tomato salsa and basil, it may look huge, but the taste is light and refreshing, and you’ll gobble it down in no time. True, most head to Wolfgangs’ for the beef, but regulars know their seafood dishes made with first-class ingredients never disappoint. Consider adding an avocado topping (¥300) and make it your own.

Da-da! This year we couldn’t resist ordering the Classic Burger with its100% prime patty, fresh onion, tomato and lettuce, and sesame bun, knowing that we could add some toppings and enjoy our only-one-in-the-world burger. Our custom order includes three toppings: red cheddar cheese (¥200,) blue cheese (¥400), and sauteed mushrooms. Bullseye! The onion and mushrooms predictably created a savory sauce only to be sharply accented with blue and cheddar cheese. Go ahead and follow us on this order; it was seriously sublime.

Burger Month 2020 features six gourmet-style burgers served with fries and garnish: New York Prime Burger (¥2,400,) an upgraded version of Classic Burger with thickly sliced bacon, and Wolfie Burger (¥1,500,) which uses an onion-mixed patty and is the favorite of the founder of the restaurant, Wolfgang Zwiener.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka
Grand Hyatt 1F, 1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
• Lunch 11:30~14:30 (L.O.)
• 11:30~22:30 (L.O. 21:30) *temporary schedule (normal hours of operation 11:30~23:30)

* Foreign language menu: English / Credit cards accepted / Reservations possible / No smoking

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Published: Oct 14, 2020 / Last Updated: Oct 14, 2020