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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Takeout and Delivery

While it is nice to enjoy the special atmosphere inside Wolfgang’s classic restaurant, you can enjoy much of the menu, such as Wolfgang’s signature USDA Prime dry-aged steak and appetizers as take-out.

And you’ll be pleased to know that there are special take-out bento boxes that include steak, salad, soup, etc., as well as cutlet sandwiches made with prime beef filet and dry-aged sirloin that you can’t recreate at home.

You can order online and ask for delivery, or you can speak with Wolfgang’s staff to discuss your order or go directly to the restaurant located inside the Grand Hyatt (Canal City) to pick it up yourself.

Combine it with your favorite drink or prepare fresh fruit for dessert. Have it your way at home!


Pick up at the restaurant located inside the Grand Hyatt adjacent to Canal City. Order online or by phone. If you order by phone, you can pay at the time of pickup.


Options: Taxi, using the app, and Uber Eats.
Payment for taxi delivery is by cash only. The actual fare meter fee is added to the price offered in the restaurant as the delivery fee, but for orders over ¥10,000, this is less expensive than using apps.

Wolfgang Prime Filet & Dry-aged Sirloin Mix Cutlet Sandwich 300g
(USDA Prime Tenderloin Cutlet 150g, dry-aged sirloin cutlet 150g, homemade potato chips) ¥8,200

Wolfgang Prime Dry-aged Sirloin Cutlet Sandwich 150g
(USDA Prime dry-aged sirloin cutlet sandwich 150g, homemade potato chips) ¥4,000

Sirloin Bento Box
(USDA Prime dry-aged sirloin steak 200g, rice, soup of the day, quinoa salad, mashed potatoes, cream spinach, mini pecan pie) ¥7,020

Rigatoni Bolognese
(Meat sauce made with USDA Prime Beef and 240g of short pasta) ¥1,571
Good for lunch, but also recommended as a side dish. The sumptuous meat sauce gets thoroughly mixed into the pasta, making it very satisfying!

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s Signature Celebration, the “Happy Birthday Plan”!
Prime T-bone steak (850g) with bone, mixed green salad, German potatoes, broccoli, assorted desserts, Wolfgang’s steak sauce
¥31,320 (for two or three people)

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka
Take-out, Delivery
• Tel.: 092-292-1651
• Reception: 11:30-21:00, last pickup: 22:00
Takeout, Delivery Menu;

Grand Hyatt 1F, 1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Open : 11:30~20:00 (19:00 L.O.) *temporary schedule between 5/12~5/31

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Published: May 21, 2021 / Last Updated: May 21, 2021