Itoshima Aurthon

START: May 18, 2013 END: May 18, 2013

Aruthon is a synthesis of the words “aruku” (walk) and “marathon” made by Itoshima Institute for Renewable Energy and Electric Power (IREEP). Their purpose is to let everyone know what IREEP is and what they are doing. IREEP is aiming to make renewable energy society from Kyushu to worldwide. They will hold an arthon event for their first time starting from Itoshima Chuo Koen on May 18. You can choose from 3 courses: either a half, one quarter or a three kilometer “aruthon”. Enjoy beautiful scenery and the tasty foods of Itoshima during aruthon. Of course there will be prizes too! Facebook page:

• 5/18 (Sat.) 12:30 ~ 16:00
• Itoshima Chuo Koen
• ¥ 3,000 / person including food and drinks
• Apply onアルソン大会/
• Shima Chuo Koren, 1 Shimahatsu, Itoshima-shi
• Source:糸島アルソン開催/

Published: May 11, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016