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Explore Itoshima: Itoshima Model Tours

The following contents are based on the printed publication “Explore Itoshima”, published by Itoshima City in March 2019 and made in cooperation with Kyushu University students. For the most part, the text and photos are the same as in the printed publication.

Itoshima has something for everyone so go ahead and find the Itoshima for you and discover something new along the way! Use these day trip model tours to explore Itoshima from different perspectives. There are three ways to travel around Itoshima: by bus, rent-a-car or bike.

Keya Cycling Tour (by Bike)

Relax at the famous beach town, Keya and see the natural wonders of Itoshima like Keya no Oto!

10:00 Rent a cycle from Itoshima Tourist Association
10:45 Cycle to Mt. Tateishi Tozanguchi trailhead
12:00 Hike to the summit to see the amazing view and back
13:15 Enjoy a fresh seafood lunch at Keya Club Chikuzen Kai
14:00 Take a 25min Keya no Oto Round Tour Boat at 14:15
14:45 Walk around Keya sherman’s village and Keya no Oto Park
15:30 Cycle to Petani Coffee and have a break over a cup of specialty coffee
17:00 Cycle back to Itoshima Tourist Association

Nijo Hiking Tour (by Bike)

Feel the spirit of nature at Nijodake and experience a multifaceted Itoshima!

9:00 Rent a cycle from Itoshima Tourist Association
10:00 Cycle to Bakery SANA and get some freshly baked bread for the hike or for breakfast
10:45 Cycle to Kamo Yurarinko Bridge and enjoy the magnicent view from the bridge
Depends on you Hike up to the summit of Mt. Nijodake (3hrs round trip) or to Myojin Waterfall (1.5hrs) along the beautiful stream
14:15 Fill your stomach with a Thai food lunch at Duangjan, accompanied by an amazing ocean view
15:00 Cycle to Kirara-no-yu Spa and enjoy a refreshing soak in the radium hot spring
16:00 Cycle to Hakoshima Shrine, a unique island that you can see from the road
17:00 Cycle back to Itoshima Tourist Association

History and Culture Tour (by Car)

Perceive Itoshima from a different point of view, from its very roots and indulge yourself in the traditional Japanese flavor.

10:00 Depart from JR Chikuzen Maebaru Station
10:30 Arrive at Raizan Sennyoji Daihioin Temple and marvel at the many important Buddhist statues and the beauty of Shinji-ike (heart character pond) Garden
11:45 Drive up to Ikazuchi Shrine right above Raizan Sennyoji to witness 900-year-old Ginkgo trees
12:30 Taste a traditional Japanese lunch and buy Itoshima’s special food products at Ito Aguri
14:00 Drive to Shiraito Waterfall and enjoy the relaxing breeze of the waterfall
14:50 Depart to Sumi Café to taste delicious pudding made of local salt
15:40 Depart to Kozai no Mori to have a cup of coffee at the gorgeous former merchant house
16:00 Stop at Kokonoki to buy souvenirs made by Itoshima’s artisans

Instagrammable Spots Tour (by Bus and Bike)

Explore some of the most picture perfect destinations in Itoshima, ranging from cute cozy cafes and artsy sites to beautiful serene beaches.

9:57 Get on Showa bus (Nogita Line) at Maebarueki Kitaguchi and get o- your bus at Nogita Bus Stop (*Weekend at 9:42)
10:30 Rent a cycle from Honey Coffee
11:00 Have an artistic getaway at DOVER and browse for a variety of unique goods
11:30 Visit Sakurai Shrine and discover the unspoiled beauty of traditional Japanese architecture
12:10 Savor casual French cuisine at the charmingly decorated Bistro & Café TIME, a hidden gem along the coastline
13:20 Walk along the picturesque Sakurai Futamigaura beach and find astonishing photo spots
15:45 Order your favorite gelato at LONDON BUS CAFÉ and don’t forget to snap a shot!
16:30 Return the bicycle at Honey Coffee
17:00 Catch a Showa bus back to Maebaru from Nogita Bus Stop Don’t miss the bus! (*16:53 on Weekend)

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Published: Aug 20, 2019 / Last Updated: Aug 26, 2019