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Here at Fukuoka Now we like to share the best of Fukuoka with the foreign community. Our English seasonal guides are always popular, whether we’re sharing tips on cherry blossom or autumn leaves viewing, giving a rundown on major festivals in Fukuoka, or explaining the ins-and-outs of recreational activities such as motorbiking, hiking or event hunting in Fukuoka! Check out some of the past guides below, organised according to season and then year-round guides. If you have an idea for a guide you’d like to see us make, shoot us an email.



Fukuoka Strawberry Picking Guide
Fukuoka is famous for its big, sweet berries and now it’s time to go-a-picking! Check our online guide for tips, locations, photos and a map to get you started on some berry good winter adventures!
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St Patrick’s Day 2016 in Fukuoka
March 17th means one thing folks – it’s time to get your party hats on! Don some green (or risk being pinched) and hit the town.

Hina Matsuri Guide
Every year, families across Japan celebrate Hina Matsuri, otherwise known as Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day. Learn about this holiday and the special celebrations happening across Kyushu!
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Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks & Japanese Baseball Guide
All the information you’d ever need for enjoying baseball season in Fukuoka!

Fukuoka Sakura and Ohanami Guide 2016
The blooming of sakura (cherry blossoms), is an occasion for celebration all over Japan. Check out the best viewing spots and sakura-related events in Fukuoka!

Clam Digging Guide 2016
Enjoy a day of shiohigari (digging for clams) at the beach, playing in the mud and challenging your friends to clam-hunting contests!

Fukuoka Nanohana Guide 2016
Just like sakura, nanohana, otherwise known as field mustard, signal the start of spring in Fukuoka! From March to April in Fukuoka, these little yellow flowers create beautiful sunshine-colored carpets, which are set off beautifully by blue springtime skies.
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Takenoko Harvesting in Fukuoka
Sakura may be the symbol of spring, but takenoko (bamboo shoots) are commonly regarded as the taste of spring. These chunky shoots are at their best in April (the beginning of spring), and Kyushu is lucky enough to be home to one of the country’s premium bamboo shoot-producing regions!
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Fukuoka Wisteria Guide 2016
In Fukuoka, we’re lucky enough to have many glorious wisteria-viewing spots, including some which have been designated natural monuments of Japan. Here we present eleven great wisteria spots in Fukuoka Prefecture for you to explore!
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Golden Week 2015 Event Guide – Fukuoka
No plans for spending Golden Week in Fukuoka? Well never fear, because the Fukuoka Now staff have selected the best events and activities for your delight.

Bargain Guide – Fukuoka Golden Week 2015
Everybody knows that Golden Week is a great time to go shopping – but unless you read Japanese, you might be missing out on a lot of the deals. We’ve picked up and compiled a list of bargain promotions for over a dozen of Fukuoka’s large shopping facilities.
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Hakata Dontaku 2015 Guide
Each year in May, the Hakata Dontaku Port Festival attracts more than two million people, making it the best attended festival in Japan during Golden Week. Here’s Fukuoka Now’s extensive guide to set you on your way!

Hydrangea Ajisai Viewing Mini Guide 2015
Hydrangea Season is here! Beautiful ajisai (hydrangea) are in full bloom during rainy season in Japan. They’re considered the quintessential flower of the season. We’ve selected several excellent spots in Fukuoka to enjoy ajisai.
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Fukuoka Firefly Watching Guide 2015
Fireflies (hotaru in Japanese) are a symbol of the start of summer in Japan. It’s the start of firefly viewing season in Kyushu, so we’ve rounded up some of the best hotaru festivals.

Kakigori Guide – The Best Spots for Shaved Ice in Fukuoka!
This seasonal treat consists of delicately shaved ice, as fluffy as freshly fallen snow, which is then heaped with fruits, sprinkled with condensed milk, and blanketed with syrups. The city goes kaki-crazy in the summer (up until Sept./Oct.), so here’s our guide to the best frozen treats Fukuoka has to offer.

Fukuoka Fireworks Guide 2015
Summer in Japan isn’t complete without experiencing at least one hanabi matsuri (fireworks festival)! We’ve compiled a list of upcoming fireworks displays in and near Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Beach Guide 2015
Summertime, and the livin’ is easy in Fukuoka! Fukuoka has great beaches – use our map to find the perfect one for you and your friends.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Guide 2015
Welcome to Yamakasa, welcome to Fukuoka!
Seen half-naked men running around town? That means it’s time for Fukuoka’s most anticipated annual festival, Hakata Gion Yamakasa. Read our full guide to find out more, including this year’s schedule and special public transport timetable.

Fukuoka Now Beer Garden Guide 2015
There’s no better way to combat the summer heat than knocking back a few icy cold beers with friends at one of Fukuoka’s beer gardens. We’ve made your summer easy, compiling a list of our recommended beer gardens in Fukuoka. Over summer we plan to add to this list, so check back regularly!

Fukuoka Surfing Guide
Residents of Fukuoka are blessed with beautiful beaches on their doorsteps, and Kyushu’s relatively mild climate makes it possible to enjoy the water all year round. Fukuoka and Kyushu have much to offer surfers of all levels.



Hakata Akihaku Guide 2014
The Hakata area comes alive in fall, with the Hakata Akihaku (Autumn Festa) – a series of colorful events and festivals from October to November – some of which have been running for hundreds of years.

Koyo Guide 2015 – Autumn Leaves in Fukuoka
Koyo refers to the changing autumn colors of deciduous trees in Japan. Fukuoka Now selected some of the best spots near Fukuoka – complete with links to useful weather resources, photographs, maps, and our pick of twenty spots near Fukuoka to view autumn leaves.

Fruit Picking 2013 (Aug 2013)
Autumn is here, which means it’s harvest time in Japan. Fukuoka Prefecture boasts many areas with beautiful, bountiful fruit orchards. In this guide we introduce ten orchards, each specializing in a different variety of fruit. All of these orchards are open to the public for a “pick-your-own” service.

Halloween in Fukuoka Guide 2015
We’ve found some great spots to find everything for your Halloween costume needs and created a list of parties for you to go a-haunting!



Itoshima Kakigoya – Oyster Hut Guide 2015
During the winter months, the ports of Itoshima are home to oyster huts. Fukuoka locals gather to barbeque fresh oysters and other seafood – discover the best oyster huts (as well as handy cooking tips) with our oyster hut guide!

Fukuoka Winter Illumination Guide 2015
Fukuoka City transforms into a glimmering night-time wonderland around December every year as shops and public spaces display elaborate Christmas lights. Check our Illumination Guide online for recommended spots and photos. Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Itoshima Adventure – Winter Edition
With its long, sandy beaches and lush mountain forests, Itoshima is the perfect summer getaway from Fukuoka, located just 45 minutes away by car. What is less well known is that many of Itoshima’s main attractions start their season in the winter, and it has become especially popular for its winter oyster season.

Hatsumode in Fukuoka 2016
So it’s New Year’s Eve, most of your friends have gone abroad visiting family or on exotic getaways, and you’re left in Fukuoka wondering how to make the most of the last night of the year? Why not try New Year’s Eve in traditional Japanese style by venturing out with our Hatsumode Guide?

New Year Sales and Lucky Bags Guide
The New Year means new deals! Check out our guide to New Year sales and fukubukuro (lucky bags).
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Kyushu Ski & Snowboard Mini-Guide
With the cold weather settling in, the much awaited skiing and snowboarding season has arrived! You don’t have to travel all the way to Hokkaido to play in the snow; Fukuoka and Kyushu is home to several small ski resorts and artificial ski fields.


Year-Round Guides

Sake in Fukuoka
Nihonshu (日本酒 lit. Japanese sake) is an alcohol that has been produced in Japan since the Nara period, some 1300 years ago. Here’s our guide to sake in Fukuoka.
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What’s SUP Fukuoka? Stand Up Paddle Board Guide (Jul 2014)
SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) is the fastest growing marine sport around the world and it’s taking off in Fukuoka! We visited three beachside shops in western Fukuoka to learn more. Read on for details on rental, storage, accessories, wear and more. See you on the sea!

Fukuoka Depachika Guide
Located on the first or second basement floors of department stores, these food halls they host the biggest selection of the city’s finest foods, ingredients, and prepared take-out foods. Check them out!

Fukuoka City Muslim Friendly Restaurant Guide (Mar 2014)
This guide introduces a number of the Muslim-friendly establishments in the city of Fukuoka, along with maps to help you find them.

Veggie Fresh Fukuoka (Apr 2014)
Fukuoka has many local vegetable markets and shops, offering an alternative to the big name supermarkets’ vegetable section. Check out this guide to Fukuoka’s veggie shops!

Sail Away! Fukuoka (Mar 2014)
Contrary to popular belief, sailing is not just a rich man’s sport. It can be a very relaxing and affordable pastime… after all, wind is free! Read our full online guide on how to get started sailing in Fukuoka.

Hostel Guide 2014 (Jan 2014)
Fukuoka Now has put together a inexpensive hostel guide to help you save money and explore all your accommodation options, depending on what style of accommodation, location and environment you prefer – so you can spend your money on the things that matter, like tonkotsu ramen and shopping in Tenjin!
hostel guide

Rental Bicycle Guide for Fukuoka
There are many shops selling cheap bicycles, whether they are brand new or second-hand. However, since many foreigners come to Fukuoka on vacation, we thought it would be helpful to publish a guide on how and where to rent bikes in Fukuoka.

FREE! 30 things to do in Fukuoka!
The best things in life are free! So we’ve listed up 30 things to enjoy in Fukuoka for FREE.

Climbing in Fukuoka – Guide
Indoor rock climbing has taken Japan by storm, with new climbing walls and shops popping up all over the place. Fukuoka Prefecture currently has 15 walls, with half of these within the limits of the city and some as central as Daimyo. We’ve listed all of these walls, with details on facilities, lessons, equipment rental and much more.
Climbing 2015

Fukuoka Breakfast Guide
It’s the most important meal of the day, so there’s no excuse to skip it! We’ve gathered 12 recommended breakfast places to start your day.
breakfast guide

Motorbiking in Kyushu Guide 2013 (Apr 2013)
Japan has a ton of country roads that just beg to be ridden. Motorcycles, being smaller than cars, provide easier access to more out of the way places than you may think to go to by car. Check out our guide to motorbiking in Kyushu!
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Motorcycling in Kyushu – Autumn Guide
The Autumn arguably the best riding season of the year. The temperature is perfect, the leaves are changing color and everyone can wear those leathers they had hanging in the closet over the Summer.
motorcycle autumn

Hiking Guide 2013 (Aug 2013)
The close proximity of many trails and the availability of public transport make Fukuoka a perfect destination for those who want try hiking for themselves.
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Theater Guide 2013 (Mar 2013)
Learn about the venues, resources and events which theater-goers will love.

Bookuoka – Bookstore Guide 2013 (Oct 2013)
Launched in 2006 as a celebration of the written word, “Bookuoka” includes talks with authors, awards, and a huge curbside used book market. Read about this event, PLUS we have a list of great book shops in Fukuoka. Embrace your inner bookworm!

Hunting Guide 2013 (Dec 2013)
Although hunting rates in Japan are in decline, the hobby is interestingly becoming more popular among Japanese women and is accessible to foreigners too.

Bonenkai Guide 2013 (Nov 2013)
Literally translated, Bonenkai means “forget the last year” party, but anyone who has attended one of these end-of-year bashes knows it’s not as simple as that! Fukuoka Now has put together a quick guide of six tips to survive your company bonenkai this year!
bonenkai nov 2013

Fashion Week Fukuoka 2013 (Mar 2013)
Check out this guide to the highlights of Fashion Week Fukuoka 2013.

Green Tea Guide 2012 (Dec 2012)
Green tea is the national drink that is an essential part of Japan’s food culture. Read through our guide below to learn about the drink’s history, varieties, how to enjoy it, how to store it, its benefits, and where to buy it in Fukuoka.

NOTE: The information presented in the above guides was gathered and summarized by Fukuoka Now staff. While we have done our best to check for accuracy there is a possible of error and facility details may change. If you notice any errors or changes please contact us.