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Enjoy Sunset This Fall in Seaside Momochi

After a long rainy season, the heat of late summer is upon us. Now, as we head into fall, the days are growing ever so shorter, and the temperatures are gradually moving into more comfortable territory. In September, the sunset is forecast for 18:44 on the first of the month, and this time will gradually get earlier and earlier until the 30th, when the sun is expected to set at 18:04. In Tokyo, where the sun sets earlier, these times will be 18:08 and 17:26, respectively, which means you can enjoy around 40 more minutes of sunlight in Fukuoka (unless you decide to wake up at the crack of dawn).

And given its northwestern orientation, the beach at Seaside Momochi is the perfect place to watch the sun set. The period from summer to early fall is when the setting sun lights up the clouds in every corner of the sky, so why not come to Seaside Momochi right before dusk to enjoy this panoramic palette of color!

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In cooperation with Seahawk Galleria, a shopping arcade with a diverse array of 20 shops located inside the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk seaside hotel, we present a series of original reports on the popular and the lesser-known attractions of Momochihama.

A great photo spot with silhouettes of the city’s landmarks

Just a three-minute walk from Galleria lies the perfect spot to take a photo at sunset featuring the silhouettes of Fukuoka’s landmarks. Head toward the ocean and walk down the stairs. After you walk under the Urban Expressway, you will be at Momochi Seaside Park. Head out onto the beach to find the perfect spot for your sunset photo.

Momochi Seaside Park
2 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

How about a view from Japan’s third tallest tower?

Fukuoka Tower is famous for its nightly illuminations whose themes change with the seasons, like goldfish and fireworks in the summer and rabbits and the moon in the fall. While you enjoy these illuminations from outside, why not head up to the observation deck to get a 360° view of the city! Whether in the daytime, at sunset or at night, you can enjoy a stunning view at any time.

Fukuoka Tower
・9:30~22:00 (Last entry 21:30)
・Adult ¥800, ES & JHS ¥500, 4 y.o. and older ¥200, 65 y.o. and older ¥720
2-3-26 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka

Hilton Bar & Dining Clouds

Located on the 35th floor of the seaside hotel Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, Clouds affords a stunning view from a height of 123m. The hotel was the first Hilton hotel in the world to establish original sanitation guidelines, “Hilton Clean Stay”, so you can enjoy a relaxing meal and high-end hotel service with peace of mind. Reservations are recommended if you plan to go for dinner or drinks anytime from sunset into the evening.

Hilton Bar & Dining Clouds
35F Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, 2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
・Open (Sep. 2020): Sat., Sun. & Hol. 12:00~22:00 (Bar is available on Fri. night)
092-844-8000 (9:00~18:00)

Enjoy a thrilling ride along the Urban Expressway on an double-decker bus

The Open Top Bus tour lasts 80 minutes and passes all the major landmarks in Seaside Momochi, including Fukuoka PayPay Dome and Fukuoka Tower. The tour starts and ends at Fukuoka City Hall and hits Hakata Station, Kushida Shrine, Hakata Port Tower, Aratsu Ohashi Bridge, PayPay Dome, Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, Fukuoka Tower and Ohori Park along the way. The Open Top Bus makes for a different and exciting way to get to Seaside Momochi from Tenjin since you can get off anywhere along the way, but you can’t get back on.

Fukuoka Open Top Bus “Fukuoka Dazzling Night View Course”
・Depart: 19:30~, 20:00~ (Reservation required)
・Ticket (incl. tax): ¥1,570, 4 y.o. ~ ES ¥790
・Reservation: By phone (092-734-2727) is until 1h. before departure, by website one day prior to departure, at the door until 20 minutes prior to departure.
・Open Top Bus Ticket counter is located in Fukuoka City Hall
1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
092-734-2727 (Kyushu Expressway Bus Reservation Center)

Seahawk Galleria

Seahawk Galleria, a shopping arcade with a diverse array of 22 shops such as accessories, fashion, sundries, daily necessities, and souvenirs, is located inside the Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk seaside hotel. There’s also a 24h convenience store that can be accessed next to PayPay Dome too. It’s an ideal spot from which to explore the Momochi area.

2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Usually 10:00 ~ 20:00 (FamilyMart / 24h)
*Hours vary for each shop due to COVID-19. (as of the end of Aug. 2020)
Official HP:
Seahawk Galleria:

Shambhavi International

Shambhavi International specializes in fine jewelry, including rings and necklaces made with diamonds and rubies imported directly from India, and apparel made in India. If you’re looking for a good luck charm, you can also purchase intricate Ganesha sculptures hand-carved by Indian artisans.

・Royal Blue Street Zone
・Closed: Never

Fukuoka Souvenir Shop

As its name implies, the Fukuoka Souvenir Shop carries a wide range of local souvenirs. You can pick up standard gifts, like ramen and mentaiko, as well as limited release products from famous local brands. There is also a range of local sake and shochu and knick-knacks made from the beautiful deep blue Kurume Kasuri textile.

・Seahawk Square Zone
・9:30~20:00 (Hours have been shortened for Sep.: 10:00~17:00. And on days with baseball games: ~18:00)
・Closed: Never

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Learn about all the attractions in Momochi from the well-known to the newest and lesser known.

Disclaimer: By posting information about places to visit or things to do, Fukuoka Now is NOT encouraging people to do anything unsafe. The situation regarding COVID-19 changes daily. Please follow the advice and direction of local authorities by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and by following other recommended guidance.

Momochi / Nishijin
Published: Aug 25, 2020 / Last Updated: Jun 7, 2021

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