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The area of Momochihama boasts views of three of Fukuoka’s best-known landmarks: Fukuoka Tower, PayPay Dome, and the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel. Built on reclaimed land created for the “Asia-Pacific Expo” in 1989 architecturally speaking, and home to numerous luxurious condominiums, museums, medical centers, and shopping malls, it’s the most modern part of Fukuoka. But it also boasts a sandy beach and green parkland. 

In cooperation with Seahawk Galleria, a shopping arcade with a diverse array of 22 shops located inside the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk seaside hotel, we present a series of original reports on the popular and the lesser-known attractions of Momochihama.

Momochi’s New Entertainment Complex

Boss E•ZO Fukuoka, which dubs itself as an “exciting entertainment zone,” opened on July 21. The seventh-story entertainment complex brings a new level of excitement to the Seaside Momochi area, which is already home to PayPay Dome, Seahawk Galleria, Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk and Mark Is. The main draw is the rooftop, which houses three thrilling new attractions, not to mention a great view of the city.

Momochi Indoors – Fukuoka City Museum and Fukuoka Public Library

Attention is turning to Momochi where the large E-Zo Fukuoka entertainment complex will open on July 21. While Momochi is known for its beaches, Fukuoka Tower and the dome, there is actually a lot to do in the area no matter when you visit. With the summer heat approaching, you’ll want to consider stopping by the well-cooled Fukuoka City Museum or the Fukuoka City Public Library, where you can read magazines and newspapers from around the world to your heart’s content.

A Neighborhood of Modern Architecture and Public Art

Completed in 1990, Momochi is Fukuoka’s newest neighborhood and it is packed with things to see and do, from beaches and hotels to shopping centers and museums. There are many parks and public spaces, and the Street of World Architects—as the name implies—features buildings designed by world-renowned architects. The tree-lined streets and ample sidewalks make Momochi a great place for a stroll.

Stroll the Boardwalk and Hit the Beach

Easily accessible from central Fukuoka, Momochihama Beach is a popular spot where locals go for some R & R. The beach is situated among some of the city’s biggest landmarks, including Fukuoka Tower, PayPay Dome and the Fukuoka City Museum. Here, you can play in the sand, stroll along the boardwalk or take part in marine sports. Momochihama Seaside Park is also a perfect spot for watching the sun set over the Genkai Sea. Visit Seahawk Galleria too!

Disclaimer: By posting information about places to visit or things to do, Fukuoka Now is NOT encouraging people to do anything unsafe. The situation regarding COVID-19 changes daily. Please follow the advice and direction of local authorities by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and by following other recommended guidance.

Momochi / Nishijin
Published: Mar 15, 2020 / Last Updated: Jul 28, 2020