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Buy Me Stand

Buy Me Stand, a grilled sandwich shop started by the hip Shibuya fashion brand Son of the Cheese, opened inside Ropponmatsu 421 last September. This retro chic cafe offers nine kinds of cheese-filled NY-style sandwiches, each with uniquely branded names like Apple Cheeks (pork rib, apple & camembert), Blue Monday (sliced beef, blue cheese & orange) and Hella Green (avocado, spinach, basil & cheese). If you want something lighter, try the Buy Me—the shop’s own take on the Vietnamese banh mi. All sandwiches come with your choice of coffee, black tea or club soda.

Menu: Hella Green ¥1,250, Buy Me (original Vietnamese-style sandwich) ¥1,000, Apple Cheeks (pork rib, apple & camembert) ¥1,000, Blue Monday (sliced beef, blue cheese & orange) ¥1,000, Couch Potato (potato, bacon & cheese) ¥1,400, Bring Home the Bacon (classic BLT w/ cheddar) ¥1,350, Ham Actor (pork shoulder, tomato & cheddar) ¥1,100, Son of the Cheese (gouda, cheddar & camembert) ¥1,100, Mushroom Eye (mushroom, cheese & sunny side up egg) ¥1,350, coffee ¥400, lemonade ¥400, cream soda ¥500
*All sandwiches come with a drink (club soda coffee or black tea)

*Foreign language menu: English / Credit cards accepted / Reservations possible / No smoking

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn240, Dec. 2018)

Buy Me Stand
Address : 2F Ropponmatsu 421, 4-2-1 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 9:00~22:00
Close : Never
Published: Nov 27, 2018 / Last Updated: Nov 27, 2018

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