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Fukuoka’s Shizen Targets 1 Million kW by 2030

Shizen Energy, a renewable energy firm based in Fukuoka, is expanding its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operations in October. The company aims to remotely control decentralized energy sources like solar power and home batteries, targeting 1 million kilowatts of output by 2030. Shizen Connect, a new subsidiary, will work with power retailers and battery manufacturers to introduce the VPP service to households. The company, which has existing partnerships with Omron and Nichicon, aims to tap into a market expected to include 3 million home batteries and 5 million electric vehicles in Japan by 2030. Source: Shizen Energy / Nikkei

Fukuoka's Shizen Targets 1 Million kW by 2030Photo for image purpose only

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Sep 6, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 6, 2023

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