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September 2018 Fukuoka Now

Now that we survived one of the hottest summers on record in Fukuoka, it’s time to enjoy autumn and of course, the Hojoya Festival, one of Fukuoka’s best attended festivals. This year it runs from Sep. 12 to Sep. 18. Learn about its history and charms in our Hojoya Festival guide and then see it for yourself. This month’s recommended noodle shop is Oshige Shokudo Imazumi, where the soup is brewed in a flame heated siphon individually for each customer. It’s one of the most unique ramen shop experience ever!! Gyoza is a trending dish in the city, and Las Vegas is amongst the newest trendsetters. Sit at the counter and you even make your own dumplings. For a cup of coffee prepared to precise specification, visit Coffeeman in Ropponmatsu – who else! And for a bar that is open from noon to midnight, and all standing, Neo Megusta in Akasaka is the place to go. As usual, our event calendar pages are filled with intriguing and fun events to attend. So grab a hard copy of our magazine at any hotel or information counter in the city or download the PDF and enjoy Fukuoka – now!

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Published: Aug 29, 2018 / Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018