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4월 후쿠오카 가이드

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” True, but it’s also the food! In this issue, we introduce three new sightseeing trains operating near Fukuoka. What could be better than watching the scenery flow by while dining on local delicacies and sweets? Meanwhile, there are heaps of events this month, from an art museum opening to an international rugby tournament, a Ghibli exhibition, a vintage car meet up, to a tall ship event and more! For this month’s restaurant pick, we chose Ristorante Incroci where fine Italian cuisine is served with a view of Chuo Park from a balcony. For spicy noodles, try Masamune Keisei Daireimen where noodles are made by a robot no less! Meanwhile, the tachinomiya (standing pub) boom continues, and at Odoru Niku Dango in Kego the food is surprisingly good. And for a cafe that harks back to Japan’s Showa-era check out Cafe Miel in Hakata. Lastly, in Itoshima we guide you to Keya no Oto boat tours and Bench & Mug for yummy and healthy cakes. Dig in!

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리스토란테 인크로치Gourmet
fukuoka, italian, ristorante incroci

카페 미엘Cafe
cafe miel, cafe, fukuoka, hakata station

마사무네 케이세이다이레이멘Noodle
daoxiao mian, chinese, noodles, fukuoka

오도루 니쿠단고Bar
odoru niku dango, standing bar, fukuoka

건축가 마에카와 쿠니오와 후쿠오카시 미술관Feature
kunio maekawa, fukuoka art museum, fukuoka

Itoshima Now! April 2019Feature
keya no oto, power spot, itoshima, fukuoka, japan

Kyushu’s Newest Tourist TrainsFeature
kyushu, train, sightseeing train, travel, japan

Fukuoka Wisteria Guide 2019
wisteria, fukuoka, japan


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Published: Mar 28, 2019 / Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019

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