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2월 후쿠오카 가이드

Winter isn’t all bad! This is when sake breweries open their doors to the public to celebrate the year’s first batch of nihonshu (rice wine). In this issue, we guide you to Jojima (near Kurume) where seven closely located breweries throw the sake event of the year! Yorgo, our featured restaurant, is well known for serving innovated yet reasonably priced fare. But to warm the belly and bones, we suggest a visit to Hakata Ozora for a bowl of their creamy and spicy tan tan men. Then for our readers who after more delicate fare we propose Wagashi Ensa. It’s a bright cafe in the daytime that serves light dishes and handmade Japanese sweets and liquor late into the evening. How about a fancy cocktail served by an award-winning mixologist? Check out Makiko at Bar Sebek in Nakasu. Details on all these spots and this month’s top events are between the covers of this month’s Fukuoka Now, available around Fukuoka City or on online.

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와가시 엔사Cafe

하카타 오오조라Noodle

Bar Sebek(바 세벡)Bar

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쿠시다 신사 세츠분사이

나가사키 랜턴 페스티벌

제33회 고코쿠 신사 벼룩시장

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제24회 핸드메이드 페어 in 큐슈

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시라이토 주조 하네키 축제

Fukuoka City
Published: Jan 31, 2019 / Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019

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