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10월 후쿠오카 가이드

Boom! It’s here! Rugby World Cup has come to Fukuoka and so will tens of thousands of visitors, and so it’s our pleasure to present an extra-thick 70-page edition of Fukuoka Now! Naturally, on the cover, we have some rugby. It’s a shot of Canada vs. Italy from 2015. The same two teams play in the first match in Fukuoka. Then the feature delves into Fukuoka’s relationship to the sport, and practical information for spectators going to the stadium or public viewing spots. Many visitors will want to try Fukuoka’s famous tonkotsu ramen during their stay, so we’ve prepared THE definitive guide. Kyushu is also ground zero for shochu. Shochu expert Stephen Lyman will bring you up to speed and guide you to some favorite spots. Lots of food and drink introductions as usual – in fact, we’ve updated our database with 140 places just for Rugby World Cup! Check out our special website for all this and more, and enjoy rugby and Fukuoka!

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우메노하나 텐진점 – Gourmet

Toffee – Cafe

이나바 우동 와타나베도리점 – Noodle

스탠드바 BEM – Bar

Itoshima Now! October 2019 – Feature

독특한 그림으로 인기 있는 선종 승려 센가이 – Feature

Fukuoka: A City Crazy about Rugby! – Feature

Welcome to Kyushu: The Shochu Kingdom – Feature

Fukuoka: The Birthplace of Tonkotsu Ramen – Feature

Hakata Akihaku Guide 2019


텐마쿠 시부사 大예술제

나가사키 쿤치

하카타 구 시가지 라이트 업 워크 2019

푸드 엑스포 큐슈 2019

아시야 모래조각전 2019

제25회 하카타 토묘 워칭 2019

제44회 나카스 마츠리

2019 사가 국제 열기구 대회

Fukuoka City
Published: Sep 20, 2019 / Last Updated: Sep 20, 2019

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