Plum Blossoms Starting to Flower in Fukuoka and Northern Kyushu

The Fukuoka Regional Headquarters of the Japan Meteorological Agency recently announced the first sighting of plum blossoms in Fukuoka…

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Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) to Start March 23 in Fukuoka, Japan

The Japan Meteorological Corporation has released its annual sakura (cherry blossom) forecast. The forecast predicts that somei yoshino, the most popular type of cherry blossom in Japan, will begin blooming on Mar. 23 in Fukuoka, Japan.

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Hakata Hankyu to Renovate 2nd Floor Fashion Space

Hakata Hankyu is renovating its second floor shopping area, transforming it from a Ladies’ Fashion Area to “Men’s Creators” space…

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New Player, Willian Popp, Joins Avispa Fukuoka

On Jan. 17, Avispa Fukuoka signed a new player, Willian Popp, from Busan IPark (Korea).

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Yamato Starts Bus Delivery Service in Depopulated Areas

Delivery company Yamato Unyu started a new delivery service using city busses in the Higashimera, Saito City, and Nishimera Village, Miyazaki Prefecture, where an aging population is resulting in depopulation

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Two Million Passengers at Hakata Port in 2016

In 2016, The number of passengers who traveled on international vessels to and from Hakata Port reached 2 million for the first time…

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Kit Kat Taxis in Fukuoka and Kurume City

It’s exam season, which also means it’s Kit Kat season! As bizarre as it sounds, Kit Kats become especially popular during exam season, because “Kit Kat” (キットカット) sounds like…

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JR to Renew ‘HTB Limited Express’ for Huis Ten Bosch 25th Anniversary

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Huis Ten Bosch (HTB) this March, JR will redesign the HTB limited express train that runs between…

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South Korean Kakigori Shop ‘Sulbing’ Coming to Kyushu

Sulbing is a famous dessert shop from Pusan, South Korea, which will soon be opening up in Fukuoka. It serves Korean desserts and…

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Fukuoka City Starts Shopping Support for Elderly

In January, Fukuoka City started a transport support program for elderly residents. Starting in Higashi-ku, volunteer drivers and caretakers will…

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