Love-themed Rental Bikes Available In Chikugo

The Chikugo City sightseeing association has begun offering “Love Chari” rental bicycles to visitors. With designs featuring city mascots, there are five love-themed pink bikes available outside the JR Chikugo-Funagoya Station, which have been introduced to try and tackle the effects of urban development. Also famous for Koinoki Shrine dedicated to the god of love, […]

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Fundokin & APU To Export Halal Shoyu

Fundokin Shoyu (Usuki City, Oita), in cooperation with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU, Beppu City), is working on producing shoyu (soy sauce) that meets Halal food criteria without using alcohol. Fundokin Shoyu conducted surveys with Muslim foreign students for…

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Cracks Potentially Related To Landslides Found In Oita

Over 50 cracks were found in Bungo-ono City, Oita Prefecture, not only in rice fields but also on cement roads. The largest crack extends about 30 meters in length and 30 centimeters wide. No earthquakes have been recorded, but…

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Fukuoka City Signed MoU With Boudeaux

On May 22, Fukuoka City signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on startup support and industrial development with Bordeaux Metropol, the city center of Bordeaux. The city of Bordeaux has contributed to the…

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Canadian Fukuoka Resident Wins City Drone Video Contest

Congratulations to Nigel Paquin, a Canadian resident of Fukuoka. At the “World Drone Startup Meet Festival Fukuoka” held in Fukuoka City today (May 23, 2017), his video “Hidden Paradise Fukuoka” won Category B (drone video of Fukuoka City) and was awarded ¥30,000. Category A (drone video of Nokonoshima) was won by Kensuke Fukuyama and he took home ¥100,000.

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Airbnb Set Up First Home Sharing Lab In Japan

On May 19, Fukuoka Airbnb established Home Sharing Lab in Fukuoka for the first time in Japan, in cooperation with Fukuoka Iju Keikaku. The Home Sharing Lab aims to be a “laboratory” to create and add new value through…

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2016 Research Report “Cities On The ‘Third Axis’ Plus 3” & “Global Networks Of Fukuoka” Released

Fukuoka Urban Research Center (URC) has published their 2016 reports detailing the growth and networks of Fukuoka as a “global city.” The report “Cities on the ‘Third Axis’ plus 3” evaluates the global competitiveness of nine cities all over the globe which includes Fukuoka and similar cities…

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Mariera Cruise Ship Renovated

Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. spent ¥200 million to renovate Mariera, a ship that offers customers a fine dining experience while cruising around the waters around Hakata Bay. Featuring a new bar counter, as well as an extensive menu that includes…

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Management Of Fukuoka Airport Open To Bids

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is calling for companies to bid for the management of the Fukuoka Airport building and runway. According to guidelines, the chosen company will also be able to bid on Kitakyushu Airport if it is privatized in the future. The decision came at the request of…

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Swimming Ban At Momochi Following Oil Spill Now Lifted

The swimming ban implemented due to the oil spill caused by a fire on a cargo ship off Hakata Bay last April has been lifted at Atagohama Marina Town Seaside Beach Park and Momochi Seaside Park. Recent test have not discovered oil on the surface or in the waters, but…

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