Winter Kotatsu Beer Garden Opened in Tenjin

On Nov. 4, a Beer Garden opened in Tenjin Sky Hall on the rooftop of Daimaru. This year’s theme is ‘Taiwan...

2016-11-04 Start Date

2017-03-31 End Date

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3D Projection Mapping ‘One Piece Water Spectacle’ at Canal City

One of Japan’s largest 3D projection mapping (20m high, 65m long) shows is at Canal City. From Nov. 19 (Sat.) they will...

2016-11-19 Start Date

2017-05-18 End Date

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Kakigoya at Bayside Place

Celebrate the new oyster season with a plate of oysters at a kakigoya in Bayside Place. Set menus start from...

2016-12-01 Start Date

2017-03-12 End Date

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Winter Peony Public Viewing in Hakozakigu Shrine’s Flower Garden

From early Jan. until the end of Feb. you can enjoy beautiful winter peonies at Hakozakigu after praying at the shrine…

2017-01-01 Start Date

2017-02-28 End Date

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“Sacred Island of Okinoshima” at Kyushu National Museum

The special exhibition “Sacred Island of Okinoshima in Munakata Region and the Yamato Imperial Court” is running at the Kyushu National Museum in Dazaifu until Sunday, March 5.

2017-01-01 Start Date

2017-03-05 End Date

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Hanabi Firework World Cup 2017

The annual Hanabi World Cup is the centerpiece of Kyushu’s largest fireworks festival at Huis Ten Bosch! Watch the winners of the international preliminaries...

2017-01-02 Start Date

2017-03-19 End Date

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Kurokawa Onsen Bamboo Illumination

Every evening from now until the end of March, the Kurokawa Onsen area will be spectacularly illuminated by handmade...

2017-01-10 Start Date

2017-03-28 End Date

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Nokonoshima Island Daffodils in Full Bloom

Catch a ferry over to Nokonoshima Island Park for the Daffodil Festival (Suisen Matsuri) this winter! The daffodils in Nokonoshima’s Island Park are...

2017-01-13 Start Date

2017-02-28 End Date

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Finnish Design 2017

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence, this exhibition introduces Finnish design. Finland is renowned for its rich natural capital...

2017-01-14 Start Date

2017-03-20 End Date

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Onsen for Fukuoka City Zoo Monkeys

In the Japanese calendar, January 20 is traditionally the coldest day of the year, known as daikan. From Jan. 20, this year, the monkeys in the Fukuoka City Zoo will be treated to ...

2017-01-20 Start Date

2017-02-26 End Date

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