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December 2019 Fukuoka Now

This month’s cover shows friends digging in grilled oysters against the backdrop of Kishi, Itoshima. They also visited the oyster rafts where they slid a few raw ones down! Now is the time to visit Itoshima’s oyster huts, and we have a detailed guide for you on our website. “Innovative French Watahan” is a new restaurant in an old wooden Japanese building serving—as its name spells out—innovative French! For noodles, we introduce Chabukama next to Ohori Park. In addition to standard udon dishes, they offer creative seasonals like a creamy miso oyster bowl. Vinyl music aficionados will like Fools Gold, our bar pick, while those with a sweet tooth and appreciation of fine coffees will enjoy White Glass Coffee, this month’s cafe selection. Finally, we take readers on a tour of Hasami, the pottery town in Nagasaki where there are lots to see and shopping to do, but no crowds! As usual, check our website for dozens of events taking place near or around Fukuoka!

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Innovative French Watahan – Gourmet

White Glass Coffee – Cafe

Chabukama – Noodle

Fools Gold – Bar

Itoshima Now! December 2019 – Feature

Hasami Pottery Town – Feature

Kosoji: Home of the Anakannon – Feature


Mammoth Exhibition – Back into Existence

73rd Fukuoka International Open Marathon

Oyamazumi Shrine Oshiroi Festival

The Magic of Alice in Wonderland Exhibition

Atago Shrine Fire Festival

Hakata Odori

Fuigo Women’s Blindfolded Sumo

Uminaka Christmas Candle Night

Published: Nov 28, 2019 / Last Updated: Nov 28, 2019