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3월 후쿠오카 가이드

It’s spring in Fukuoka and fields of bright yellow nanohana are everywhere, and soon the cherry blossoms will bloom too. We’ve published guides on our website to viewing spots for both. This month’s restaurant pick is Ginmi where the dashi is made right before your eyes. For a comfort-food noodle experience, we introduce Pikamatsu. Try either their champon or sara udon served in a folksy setting. Alternatively, for creative and exceptional tasting cocktails in a chill yet classy lounge with a counter bar, check out The Roam Bar in Shirogane. Finally, in a city already filled with awesome independent cafes, do we need more? Well, Doug Weber and partners at Kamakiri Coffee think so! Read about their new cafe in Yakuin where a cortado and yummy sourdough toast can be enjoyed. However, our big scoop this month is our guide to a recently discovered power spot in Itoshima called Shinseki, or God Stone. Read all about that and eight suggested events on our website, or download the PDF.

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ginmi, fukuoka

doug weber, kamakiri coffee, fukuoka

pikamatsu, noodles, Fukuoka

The Roam BarBar
bar roam fukuoka, cocktail

개업 30주년을 맞이해 리뉴얼 오픈한 후쿠오카 타워Feature
Fukuoka Tower, 30th anniversary

Itoshima Now! March 2019Feature
god stone, itoshima, kamiari, power spot, fukuoka

Kurume Kasuri – A Textile to TreasureFeature

Yanagawa Hina Festival 2019Feature
Yanagawa, sagemon

Fukuoka Sakura and Ohanami Guide 2019

Fukuoka Nanohana Guide 2019


다자이후 텐만구 쿄쿠스이노엔

3월 하나가타 가부키 – 코이츠카미

일본 매실주 축제 in 후쿠오카 2019

전국 도자기 페어 in 후쿠오카 2019

후쿠오카시 미술관 리뉴얼 오픈 기념전

산카이주쿠 “신사쿠” 세계 초연

후쿠오카 아시아 콜렉션(FACo) 2019 SS


Fukuoka City
Published: Feb 28, 2019 / Last Updated: Feb 28, 2019

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